52 New Experiences in 2019

My list of 52 New Experiences is a yearly compilation of all things new: Everyday or weekly acts or ‘never done before’ that brightened up my year.  Over the years it became a conscious decision to go for the unknown; in all aspects of my life. I’ll share this list with you not to impress…

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It always is the small stuff that makes for big living- always! That’s what I believe and live by, (mostly) every single day of the year. It keeps me excited about…everyday life. And the best thing? It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I wrote it before,  I love living the champagne life style…

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52 New Experiences in 2017


Every year I make myself the promise to create at least 52 New Experiences in my life to add some wow moments to my daily existence. Every time I experience something new (even the slightest thing) I scribble it on a big piece of cardboard which is stored away in my office. At the beginning of…

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But, Others will be Talking about Me…


It’s decision time! And as always my alter ego, the adventurous YES girl is yearning to go for it! The other half, the more sensible one, the good girl, the mother, my Germaness is wanting to pull the brakes: “Don’t you dare Christina. Your neighbours/friends/kids/Best Man of All (husband)/aquaintances/ won’t like it, they will be…

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#52 New Experiences in 2016

Black white

Well, you know how the saying goes: Better late than Never! I feel slightly ashamed that it took so long for me to compile this wonderful list. There is always something else to do, like filming or editing a video, mothering our three boys, hanging out with friends, reading, trying a new recipe…you get the…

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Who Your True Customer Is

Hi there, have you ever done an ‘ideal client profile?’ Like the one the experts in the industry are telling us to do? The one where we identify exactly whom we want to help, serve (great word!), inspire, motivate, style, paint, teach etc.? Because ‘if we’re for everybody you’re for nobody?’ Yes? No? If you don’t…

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It’s all about Timing!


Let me tell you about this crazy little thing called time! It can drive us cuckoo for sure! We all have the same amount, but most of us complain about not having enough. Or we complain that it goes too fast. Or we are worried that our time (to shine, marvel, achieve etc.) will never…

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Kiss you Goals Goodbye-


and say Hello to your big, fat vision! For many, many years I was the most goal oriented motherpreneur you can think of. During my time as CSO (Chief Serving Officer) of my coffee shop Strawberry Lounge I created daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Every week I competed with myself. Every week I wanted…

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Yes Please, Pick My Brain

We met casually during one of our local writers events and totally hit it off! During that time I was working on my first book (The Strawberry Lounge Story, How I got over my Fears, dumped my Excuses and started the Business of my Dreams, the Motherpreneur Way) and wanted to get write -ups in…

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Just Write Your Book: #Untrending, A Field Guide to Social Media That Matters


We all have a book inside of us! Some of us will write it – some of us won’t. Some of us contemplate about writing – some of us will regret not having written it. The thought of creating something meaningful is scary. The thought of writing something silly, witty, entertaining, or ridiculously entertaining is…

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