SCREW SUCCESS – Let’s become Successful!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder- and so is success! Or not? We are successful if we earn a lot of money, aren’t we?  If we have a huge readership, if our restaurant (or any other shop ) is full, if we live in the big house, drive that amazing car, send our…

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Celebrate a ‘Failure’


…it will see you through any personal crisis! Our first born, our 17 year old son just suffered his first major set back in his young life: he failed his driving test! Seventeen months of driving with his mama has come to an anticlimax. He is defastated! He is disappointed! He is embarrassed! I’ve never…

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Using Numerology to find The Life you were Born to Live


When Kim Louise Easterbrook calculated my full birth date I was blown away of what she told me about my attitude, my special gift and my soul purpose in life! Over the course of my life I asked myself these following questions more than just once: “What is my purpose here on earth?” “What I am…

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Tough Mamas on Wheels


When it comes to physical activity not all mothers are created equal! Some of us like it, some of us don’t! If we participate in a sport some of us prefer it safe and sound, let’s say the curlers or table tennis players among us. Some of us are prefer solitude (like me). Others prefer…

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Giving Birth To Vancouver Tumblebus

2014-08-05 13.59.24

Conceiving and giving birth to your child or your business is one and the same thing! It all starts with being broody: We know our biological clock is ticking – therefore we need to get the show on the road (you know what I am talking about…). In business terms it means we know what…

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I love good advice when I hear it. Good advice needs to be shared, it needs to spread its wings. Like this one from my dad: Don’t burn any bridges, you will always meet twice in your life! Or this one from my mom: Always put on nice undies when you go out (???) Well, what does…

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You are Born That Way!


An individualistic dress look can be bought in very shop! Embracing your uniqueness is priceless! C. Waschko I am born with small boobs, short legs and a long nose! I don’t mind the short legs, I am born that way! My parents are shorties, so am I. To fall in love with my nose took a…

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Sure, being a “YES-Girl” can be a pain in the butt. We pay a price every time we say YES. We pay with our time, our money.  We may get frustrated because it takes too long to figure out how Optimize Press works (in my instance).                  …

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