Kiss you Goals Goodbye-


and say Hello to your big, fat vision! For many, many years I was the most goal oriented motherpreneur you can think of. During my time as CSO (Chief Serving Officer) of my coffee shop Strawberry Lounge I created daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Every week I competed with myself. Every week I wanted…

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Do It Anyway!

Screenshot 2016-03-14 13.54.20

  Do you have a routine? A daily routine? A special morning ritual that sets you up for a great day? Or a night routine before you hit the pillow? Personally, I’m pretty bad with routines. Other than my daily yoga and abdominal workout everything hangs in the air! I play it by ear; whatever…

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Make a Splash!


  You want to make a splash? You want to make a (positive ) impact in the world we live in? You want to make an impact in your corner of the globe? Stand for something! Use the right words (your right words) to express who you are and what you want ! What do…

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Let Your Man Be a Man – again!


  The modern man is going through difficult times these days. Right, left and in front of him we women are taking over. Not only are we as educated (if not better and higher) than he is, we are taking over his domain of jobs, sports and recreation! We can pay for our own dinners,…

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Why You Should Become a YES Girl (hint: It’s Fun & Exciting)!

2014-05-15 15.06.39

Welcome to the modern woman’s/ mothers world of being over worked, under valued, over stressed, tired, and exhausted! Welcome to the modern woman’s world of many wants, wishes and dreams! And too little time! Too little time for the real important things in life like new adventures, hot bubble baths, sex, roasting marshmallows, reading books,…

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50 Things I know for Sure


It has been 38 hours since I celebrated my birthday-a big one! And it’s official: I am no spring chicken anymore. Only twenty five short years ago I was backpacking through Australia, enjoying life in the single- young- woman lane, chasing adventures wherever I could find’em! This was 25 years ago! Today I am living…

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Giving Birth To Vancouver Tumblebus

2014-08-05 13.59.24

Conceiving and giving birth to your child or your business is one and the same thing! It all starts with being broody: We know our biological clock is ticking – therefore we need to get the show on the road (you know what I am talking about…). In business terms it means we know what…

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