Kiss you Goals Goodbye-


and say Hello to your big, fat vision! For many, many years I was the most goal oriented motherpreneur you can think of. During my time as CSO (Chief Serving Officer) of my coffee shop Strawberry Lounge I created daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Every week I competed with myself. Every week I wanted…

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Do It Anyway!

Screenshot 2016-03-14 13.54.20

  Do you have a routine? A daily routine? A special morning ritual that sets you up for a great day? Or a night routine before you hit the pillow? Personally, I’m pretty bad with routines. Other than my daily yoga and abdominal workout everything hangs in the air! I play it by ear; whatever…

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How to Find Your Core….Values


  For most of my five decades on the planet my life was good! Wrong! It was fantastic! It was ‘easy’ for lack of a better word! I went through the motion, lived life on my terms; there was no headache involved, no frustration, no big questions to be answered, no worries to worry about!…

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KISS FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Goodbye!


This morning I had over 1000 unread messages in my secondary email account! WooPee- My heart started to go faster- not in a panicky- but in a more exciting kinda’ beat! The Motherpreneur made it! These must be notes from my raving fans from across the globe! Or so I thought! And beat it Christina,…

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