Make a Splash!


  You want to make a splash? You want to make a (positive ) impact in the world we live in? You want to make an impact in your corner of the globe? Stand for something! Use the right words (your right words) to express who you are and what you want ! What do…

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Let Your Man Be a Man – again!


  The modern man is going through difficult times these days. Right, left and in front of him we women are taking over. Not only are we as educated (if not better and higher) than he is, we are taking over his domain of jobs, sports and recreation! We can pay for our own dinners,…

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I love good advice when I hear it. Good advice needs to be shared, it needs to spread its wings. Like this one from my dad: Don’t burn any bridges, you will always meet twice in your life! Or this one from my mom: Always put on nice undies when you go out (???) Well, what does…

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