Make a Splash!


  You want to make a splash? You want to make a (positive ) impact in the world we live in? You want to make an impact in your corner of the globe? Stand for something! Use the right words (your right words) to express who you are and what you want ! What do…

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Let Your Man Be a Man – again!


  The modern man is going through difficult times these days. Right, left and in front of him we women are taking over. Not only are we as educated (if not better and higher) than he is, we are taking over his domain of jobs, sports and recreation! We can pay for our own dinners,…

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Caring Too Much about What Others Might Be Thinking of YOU?

Sign me up!

Do you expect me to say “Worrying, what a waste of precious time – Life is too short, go for it! What a waste of your talent. One day you are going to regret not having acted. One day –  it’s too late?” Ladiladala! All of these are correct, for sure! But the real reason,…

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5 Reasons To Go After our Dreams

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There was only one man I ever wanted to get married to!   Winnetou, the bravest of the Apache Chiefs. It was love at first sight. From the moment I watched the Winnetou series on TV I was hooked! I knew he was the one for me! There was no doubt in my mind I…

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Ten Ideas to Get Your Creative Groove Back!


It does happen to the best of us: we hit a creative dry spell! We just don’t know what to create next, what to write, what to cook, what to sew, what to paint…Even if we have an outline of, let’s say, topics for our blog posts, we struggle to find the right words. We…

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Rodeo Cowboys & Dreamers, they are one and the same!

I feel a great day coming on-

Howdy y’all! I just spent a delightful, eye opening day at Canada’s second biggest rodeo, The Cloverdale Country Fair & Rodeo!  It was a first for me, so talk about excitement!  This is moi, seconds after meeting my first, real cowboy:      Let me tell you a thing or two about these brave cowboys…

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50 Things I know for Sure


It has been 38 hours since I celebrated my birthday-a big one! And it’s official: I am no spring chicken anymore. Only twenty five short years ago I was backpacking through Australia, enjoying life in the single- young- woman lane, chasing adventures wherever I could find’em! This was 25 years ago! Today I am living…

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