But, Others will be Talking about Me…


It’s decision time! And as always my alter ego, the adventurous YES girl is yearning to go for it! The other half, the more sensible one, the good girl, the mother, my Germaness is wanting to pull the brakes: “Don’t you dare Christina. Your neighbours/friends/kids/Best Man of All (husband)/aquaintances/ won’t like it, they will be…

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Let Your Man Be a Man – again!


  The modern man is going through difficult times these days. Right, left and in front of him we women are taking over. Not only are we as educated (if not better and higher) than he is, we are taking over his domain of jobs, sports and recreation! We can pay for our own dinners,…

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You Don’t Need Experiences To Go After Your Dream!


Being pregnant gives you lots to look forward to and lots to worry about! Nineteen years ago, during the pregnancy of our first son, there was no google- there was no internet! We waddled to the library and read”What to expect when you’re expecting!” The only thing I was really worried about was the delivery,…

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Just Do It- What a Big, Fat Lie!


” So, Jane, tell us, how did you create such a fabulous networking event?” “What do you mean? I love organizing parties so I just did it!”  “Congratulations Mike on your gold medal win, how did you do it?” “Well, I took a deep breath, concentrated, visualized the outcome and put on the best performance…

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50 Things I know for Sure


It has been 38 hours since I celebrated my birthday-a big one! And it’s official: I am no spring chicken anymore. Only twenty five short years ago I was backpacking through Australia, enjoying life in the single- young- woman lane, chasing adventures wherever I could find’em! This was 25 years ago! Today I am living…

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