52 New Experiences in 2017

Every year I make myself the promise to create at least 52 New Experiences in my life to add some wow moments to my daily existence. Every time I experience something new (even the slightest thing) I scribble it on a big piece of cardboard which is stored away in my office. At the beginning of each new year I’ll go through the list to remind myself of all the small (and sometimes even big) magical new adventures I lived through, tasted, drank, listened to or smelled.  Just like these ones you’re going to read about in a second.

Year after year I constantly surprise myself how easy it is to add something new to my life. New experiences don’t need to be extreme, they don’t need to be expensive either. Think:

Living the Champagne Life Style on a Beer Budget.

Creating magic to your daily life is pretty simple: Just say YES to something new.

Torn between a cappuccino or a lavender flavoured latte? Order the lavender. (And if you really hate it? At least you gave  it a shot, said YES to a new flavour and ‘only’ blew $ 3.95 down the sink).

Never tasted seaweed before? Go and grab a bag.

Always been curious about what it feels like to dangle on a trapeze? Book a class.

Coke or ginger flavoured kamboucha? Make it kamboucha.

Attend that talk. Netflix will still be here tomorrow. However, the free speaking event at your local library won’t.


Are you intrigued? Curious? Give it a shot- it is simple:

Start your list of 52 New Experiences and hang it above your bed. Or store it under the sofa. Or treat yourself to a cute notebook you carry around with at all times. Keep your list secret or share it with the world at the end of the year. Your choice!

I decide to publish my list every year because I’m proud of it. Secretly though, I hope my menu will inspire you or somebody else to say YES more often. Just because!

And yes,  It’s easier than you think it’s going to be!


Here we go,




Personal Magic Moments:

Drove my first electric car

Drove my dream car (an old Wrangler Jeep)

Flew with Air TRansat  (“What? I need to pay for my own blanket?” Welcome to low-cost air travel)

Received an unexpected full face shave from Turkish hair dresser (too funny)

Smoked a water pipe

Sang at privately hosted partees and played the “acoustic frog” during one of them

Tried to get the horrible fish stench out of our 4 legged daughter (how many baths does a dog need?)

My friend Vicki treated me to a private vision board session (2017, here I come)

Hosted two Japanese students for a week long visit

Enjoyed a guided tour through the mayors headquarter during a visit to my hometown Kiel

Here we are, two Canadian friends (Vicki and I) in the North of Germany:IMG_0104

My American Express account was hacked – grrr, not a great feeling!

Enjoyed a reflexology session 

Visited Spa Utopia at Pacific Rim Hotel/Vancouver

Voted Green

Made candles

Experienced the service of Tan-on-the-Run (spray tanning in the comfort of your own home)

Watched a Dove Release

Attended a Bollywood Wedding

48 hours without wearing under pants (my sexy little secret during hot summer days)

Attended T’s Tea-Kee Summer Back Alley Party

Attended my first demonstration-ever. And even spoke up!

Walked in Women’s AM Christmas Fashion Show

Celebrated the Grand Opening of The Blending Bar


Ended up in Committee of Christmas Haven

Played Apples and Apples

Attended Council Meeting

Discovered the world of Tiny House Community

Nearly broke my shoulder due to a freak accident involving our dog ‘daughter, the neighbour’s cheeky cat and a temperamental dog leash (autsch!)


Business Exposure/Skills learned:

Made the conscious decision to stay away from Face Book (Mark Zuckerberg and his team entered the dark side- so not cool)

Presented my “Secret Sauce” talk at our local Women’s AM group

Presented a fun presentation during International Women’s Day (Thank you BABES in Business group)

My video company, Motherpreneur Productions, received free ad space (thanks Emerald Pigs Theatrical company)

Became the offical videographer for Earth Day 2017 (you’ll find the video once you clicked on the link, scroll down a bit and enjoy!)

Learned and mastered some serious, new editing skills

First action shots with my new Go Pro camera

Gave two ‘How-to video yourself’- presentations

1:1 VIP day with Video client- from idea – clarification – to finished video product

Created official Campaign video for Green Party candidate Peter Tam

Music Video for Preach

Video House tour for a stunning property in North Vancouver

Recorded two Celebrations of Life (funerals)

Filmed in professional photo studio

Hired a junior editor (yeah!)

Created 3 online video series (Aerobics, Reflexology, Management)

First corporate clients

Sent off proposal to my biggest ever possible client-yet. And didn’t get it…


Attended Live Talks:

Project 333: Be more with less

Peter Sklar’s (NY and LA talent scout) demystifyed “Who gets hired in Show business?”

Got inspired by meeting Dr. Andrew Weaver (Leader of BC Green Party) and attended a

Party Rally by BC’s Green Party ; was gobsmacked by Dr. David Suzuki’s talk

“The Trump Era & Barking up the wrong Tree” (talk at local library)

Award Ceremony of middle son’s soccer team to see them winning “Team of the Year!”

Live Music:

Watched Canada’s iconic 54-40 in concert (wow are they good!)

Sly-Detrick (oldest son’s band) performing at

The Hindenburg/Vancouver, The Red Room, The StageRailway Club

and at the Open Door Church, Fundraiser for Alouette Addiction Centre!

Jean Dean official record release party at Elan Fine Arts Gallery

Music of Junk (fabulous)

Hotel California during Caribbean Festival

Live Theatre:

The Little Years

Peter and The Star Catcher

Arson and Old Lace

Pantomime (Sindbad, the Pirates and the dinosaur) (how come I’ve never been before? This is hilarious fun!)


2017’s Birthday Experience:

2 hours of trapeze flying (woohoo, one of the best things I’ve ever experienced)!

Movies  watched:

Girl on the Train, Behind the Candelabra (go, watch it, it’s sooo good), Sausage Party, Mothers Day, The Lincoln Lawyer, Dark Horse, The Whole Truth, The Prestige, Arrival (B-O-R-I-N-G), Maona, The Black List, Scandal (OMG, I’m addicted), The Internship, Baywatch, Big Wedding, Snowden, Men from U.N.C.L.E., Hidden Figures (super good), The Last Word, Snatched, Merander, Vier gegen die Bank, Going in Style, Aloha, Into the heart of the Sea, America Made, Ripped, Boris Becker Documentary, Bad Moms (if you’re obsessed with ‘doing the right things’ as a mother, go and watch it)

The Loft (fabulous if you’re into well made, clever, suspense thrillers)

Jaws (during annual Stanley Park outdoor movie extravaganza)


Books Read:

Those in Peril, Flawless, The little Teashop at Lavender Lane– which lead to a road trip to Leavenworth.

Lean In (not as hard-core as the media proclaimed), Big Magic, Viscous Circle, Predator, The Scam, The Art of People, The Subtle Art of not giving a F@#!

What they don’t teach you at Film School (which subsequently let me to finally write my screen play! Because an idea is worthless if not followed through with action)!!! Explosive 18

Adventures into Culinary Land

Cooked/ Baked:

Soup meat balls, Yam Fries, Jam using pectin (normally I make freezer jams), Peppermint Cream Cheese Sweets

Gingerbread cookies, Orange/Chocolate cookies


Local Blueberry wine(nope, not for me), Local Cranberry wine (not my glass of wine), Grape Beer (ahh, so down my alley), Egg Nog Latte, Lavender Latte, Ginger Kamboucha, Red Espresso

New bites tasted: 

Corn Chowder Bacon soup a’la Fred, Croissant-Caramel Bread Pudding, Eggnog Cake (And I don’t even like egg nog!), Dosa Madras (the vegetarian kind with potatos)

Dulce (Seaweed, harvested off St. Johns, New Brunswick)



Sweet waffle topped with popcorn chicken bites and gravy (the worst thing ever!)

Japanese sweets courtesy of our Japanese house guest

Take-Away from local Thai Smile Restaurant

Raspberry Danish

Arby’s Burger

Earl Grey Lavender Ice-Cream (interesting…)

New Restaurants visited:

Big Smoke, WASABI (Japanese ), SzuSzu Sushi (Bellingham), Langley Memorial Hospital Canteen (delicious), Meadow Sushi, Delizie, Socrates Grill, Ban Chop Dee, Arthur Bryant’s (yes, the Arthus Bryant’s BBQ place in Kansas City), Chinese Kitchen, Backeddy Resort, Lacasita, Wogamama in Amsterdam, Wolastoq Wharf, Pizzeria inside Fredericton’s Cultural Centre, Desi Dosa Madras Restaurant (Indian)

Magic Moments during Physical Activities

Kayaked the Kazie Slough in pouring rain

Failed attempt to cross the mighty Fraser River

Kayaked on Harrison Lake

First ever Solo kayak trip

Kayaked amidst snow and ice

Kayaked in Sechelt Inlet (Sunshine Coast)

Family swim in Loon Lake

Bought unlimited yoga pass for a month (made it to 23 classes)

6 am Sunrise yoga

Yoga in Brewery

Hiked along Bay of Fundy and walked into sea caves (WOW!)

Swam in outdoor pool of Pacific Rim Hotel/Vancouver

Hiked along Skookumchuk trail and viewed the spectacle

Swing Dancing at Blauer Engel in Kiel (fun,fun,fun)


Kanal Cafe, Kiel (what a fantastic place!)


Holy Wow Poets, ACT Theatre

Mozart School of Music

Shoreside Bellingham

Poco Jazz Festival

CEED Center and took part in discussion

Abilene, Little Big Horn, Rattle Snake Canyon, Sea Caves in St. Martin, Wall Drug

Private OSCAR party (oh what fun)

Eco Hero Park

Traveled to

Chattanooga by car. A 12 day long road trip from Vancouver to Tennessee, 12 states, lots of sights and a whole lot of country music in between!

New Brunswick , St. Johns, St. Martins, Fredericton


OK, I went a bit overboard here. These are way more than 52 New Experiences, I know I know. But can you see (read) how easy it is to add more excitement to your daily life? Just by saying Yes more often? What are you waiting for, your page is waiting to be filled with your adventures! Are you ready? Please say YES to yourself!

And please, sent me the link next January. I look forward to reading all about your magic moments.

Here’s to a Healthy, Happy and Creative 2018!








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