Do It Anyway!


Do you have a routine? A daily routine? A special morning ritual that sets you up for a great day? Or a night routine before you hit the pillow?
Personally, I’m pretty bad with routines. Other than my daily yoga and abdominal workout everything hangs in the air! I play it by ear; whatever needs to get done normally gets done!

So when it comes to posting for my You Tube channel, Motherpreneur TV, there is no set routine for my filming or posting! I used to create religiously for over 18 months, once a week, every Wednesday. And then my videography career began!
Now I’m filming for MPTV whenever inspiration strikes!
And Holy Moly, it seems like the shorter my episodes become, the longer it takes me to film.
This is the one I’m talking about:

Believe it or not, this took me two days, and approximately 16 takes!!! Is that crazy or crazy? The whole video is less than 1,5 minutes and it took me for-E V E R!

After the second day I got so frustrated that I wanted to scrap it- I just couldn’t find the right angle.
And then, quite unexpectedly (whilst peeling our dinner potatoes) inspiration hit:
A little voice told me:
You already have all the coverage you need!
Cut the two pieces together!”
BING! My creativity angel showed me the light! Thank you!
And after this, the whole video was done in less than an hour!

So often we forget that we already have in our cupboards the ingredients to create a fun meal.
We forget our existing network is full of wonderful souls who could help us with our dilemmas
We already have the blueprint (or, video shots) we need to create our next masterpiece, to get started with our next, big fat vision, dream or goal!

When it comes to being creative, we all have our own hold-backs.
It’s not so much a routine we need, it’s more the guts to say “I’ll do it anyway-
With the resources I have available to me right now!”

And this is how to Kiss “I don’t have enough resources”- Goodbye!

Please let me know, do you have a daily routine? And more importantly, do you let (the perceived) ‘lack of resources’ stop you from going forward?

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