My Favourite Pick-Me-Ups

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A picture says more than a thousand words!

And a few facebook posts can say more than a long, long blog post.

Let’s keep it short’n sweet. Here are my favourite posts from The Motherpreneur facebook page!

These are great reminders for everyday living.                                                                                 Let’s get away from the ‘Monday is a drag and ‘TGI Friday’- mentality! Because:

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Every day is great! Just because Monday has the privilege to be the first day of a new week doesn’t make it better or worse than Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

It’s all in the head, and in the attitude:



Why we really should stop worrying about  ‘The Others’:

images (5)









On Kissing the excuse “I don’t have the right resources” goodbye:

Never let what you can't do get in the

Why saying YES is a good thing:


Think about this one when you find it hard to say Goodbye:

Ican't come back - Copy

You took the plunge into the deep end and Kissed your Excuses Goodbye?! Congratulations!!! The following describes you perfectly:

Old enough to know better


Ignore is the word you are looking for:


It’s always the small stuff that makes (private – & biz) life extraordinary! These are for you! Stop, smell the flowers and celebrate how fantastic you are! You have come a long way!


Why it’s a really good idea to start with baby steps:

What is not started today is never

One of the reasons I don’t attend ‘talks’:

I prefer to live my own dreams than


It’s like the song from “Fame”! Or is it the other one, Flashdance? (Yes, it is Flashdance):


At times it’s hard to look on the bright side  of life! Just remember this one,”It’s 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it!”

images (9)


Before you make any decision sleep over it or go for a walk! Because:

Adventure jump

If you’re tempted to spend more money on yet another course, workshop, seminar, training module, talk…think small:

small stuff

And on a totally different subject- Let’s talk about love!

Let me assure you, there is a lid for every pot! (I’m sure you know what I mean)!

Stop searching for Mr or Ms Right!! Write yourself a love-list (it’s like a bucket list on how and what you wish for  your future Prince or Princess). Sit back, relax and fall in love with yourself. The less you need somebody to complete you or to make you happy, the higher the chance Mr. or Mrs. Right will appear in your life!  Guaranteed!
great shot


Oh yeah:

TODAY is A Good Dayy



Today is the dayto start writing your own


I know you can! And I know you will!!!

I am proud of you


And last but not least, let me finish the same way I finish every episode on Motherpreneur TV:

WE are more than just mothers - women!


What are your favourite sayings? Reminders? Motivators?

Please share!


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