Who Your True Customer Is

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have you ever done an ‘ideal client profile?’ Like the one the experts in the industry are telling us to do?

The one where we identify exactly whom we want to help, serve (great word!), inspire, motivate, style, paint, teach etc.?

Because¬†if we’re for everybody you’re for nobody?’ Yes? No?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is a quick run down:

Whenever we offer a product or a service we need to be crystal clear about why we are doing what we are doing and most importantly, whom we want to sell our product or service to? Pardon, in today’s world we call it …whom we want to serve or ….whom we want to invite…

So we create a profile of our ideal customer; gender, age, income, hobbies, amount of children, education, race, we pinpoint their pain and custom tailor our solution to their worries, dilemma, need. In other words, we need to get into the head of our future preferred customer. Spooky but true.

After this we need to hang out and mingle, socialize, network or party where our ‘Ideals’ might be hanging out. So far so good.

Oh, I nearly forgot, we need to create a fun elevator pitch when we introduce ourselves to them.


When I started my video production service, Motherpreneur Productions, I followed the experts advice:

I networked accordingly, gave a wonderful pitch, drove for miles, spend money on parking fees, networked some more, did the obligatory follow up, offered my service  via my email list.

None of this really worked out for me.

What worked for me is this:

I made a decision!

I stopped networking! I concentrated on my craft. Instead of networking I filmed, edited, played around with new editing software.

I decided to concentrate on getting known in my hood. I stopped wasting time and money driving miles and miles just to sit and eat, mingle etc.

I wrote my Ideal Client Manifesto, and it goes like this:



This simple manifesto saves me a lot of time, either driving around or pulling teeth (“I will keep in touch, one of my clients may need you…”I need to check with my boss first…”)

Today I only focus on two local events I participate in, if at all.

Today nearly all my video clients come via referrals. Others I met at a party, at a friends place or sometimes even in a shop!

Have you ever thought about writing your own customer manifesto? If not, today is a pretty awesome time to do so:

Set your own standard whom you want to work with!

Cross checking off your list makes it easy to walk away from a client who doesn’t fit a criteria.

And your heart will sing with joy when a contract is signed!

Happy manifest writing!

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