It’s Easier Than I Think It’s Going To Be

Disclaimer: This mantra has a serious, positive impact on your life.

There are things in our life we love doing- and others? Not so much.

And due to our individuality, our lists vary from person to person. Regardless of you love or dread towards cleaning the bathrooms, figuring out the newest Adobe Light Room edition, pitching your services to a stranger, clicking the button to yet another Zoom meeting, clearing out the garage or filling in the tax return… these things need to get done. And most often than not, they need to get done by ourselves, personally.

We can either wait until we’re desperate enough for a new gig to make the call or until the stench of the bathrooms makes us reach to our rubber gloves and scrubbing brushes.

Alternatively – and Oh so revolutionary –  we can actually make the conscious decision to tackle our items on the dreaded list, right here and now. With full gusto!

It’s that simple!

The moment we say to ourselves:

This is going to be fun,

It’s easier than I think it’s going to be, that is the moment we have changed your life from procrastinator to go getter.

Why? We humans are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. We are in command of our mind, the way we think and act.  You, and only you have the power to make a difference in your life. Everything we do starts with a decision. And if we decide we can do something, if we decide it’s going to be easier than we think it’s going to be, guess what? It will be!

You don’t believe me? This ‘airy-fairy’ approach to life doesn’t sit well with you?

Try the following instead, it’s an easy to follow, step-by-step plan to attack your most dreaded tasks in life:

  1. What item ranges highest on your procrastination list right now?
  2. Decide at this moment you’re going to plunge in. And start straight away! No second thoughts, no waiting, no checking your email inbox first!
  3. Say this mantra to yourself: It’s easier than I think it’s going to be!
  4. Write a note to yourself: YES I CAN and post it somewhere visible!
  5. Do you need some motivational tunes? Go and turn on your favourite music. (When I clean our 5 bathrooms and (finally) decide to vacuum our whole house I crank up my favourite tunes and dance from room to room)!
  6. Decide to have fun and to enjoy the progress. As soon as the little devil voices whisper in your ear words like  “It’s too difficult, I’ll never get this done, it’s too complicated” make the conscious decision to say out loud: “Stop it, Yes I can. This is such a satisfying activity. It’s so much easier than I think it’s going to be.”
  7. Depending on your personal assignment, either turn on a timer or promise yourself to finish until everything is done!
  8. Keep on going! Depending on the length of your project you may want to take a break. To refuel, refocus, recover. Keep this breaks short (to keep the motivation going) yet rewarding. Need a coffee? Make it a handcrafted caramel macchiato- the one normally reserved  for the weekend only.
  9.  Once you have completed your mission, sit back, relax and consciously enjoy the feeling of accomplishment!  Do your happy dance! Do something that makes you feel special (I love to reward myself with a glass of Prosecco! Or I go out thrifting, for hours).  Your call!
  10. Congratulations! You’ve just beaten your procrastination monster!
  11. No more dillydallying! Now that you’ve proven to yourself that it’s easier than you thought it’s going to be,  do it again and again. Push your repeat button! Push it as often as you want – because you can. You have the power and permission to do or be anything you want to be!
  12. And that’s it. It’s so simple: Make the decision to start, tell yourself it’s easier than you think it’s going to be and…let the magic begin!
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christina Waschko

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