Hello there, nice to meet you, my name is Christina Waschko- and I am The Motherpreneur.


Yes, you read this right! I am not a mom – or mommy.  Well, of course I am. The best man of all (aka husband) and I are raising three boys together.

I prefer the word mother thoughit  must have something to do with my German upbringing. But if you really want to know, a mom or a mommy to me is a cute, young woman who just had her babies or is raising a toddler. This new mom just discovered what I went through years ago e.g. sleep and wearing proper clothes are totally overrated. So here we have it, I am not cute anymore-not in the standard- young-looking-kinda way.

However, I am still sleep deprived.  I could have written the mommy diaries ages ago! At our home we aren’t dealing with nappy changes, sore bums or which biological food jars to purchase anymore (as if I ever…).  Our boys are glorious teenagers, 17, 14 + 12 years of age. What am I dealing with? Let’s see, I am dealing with teenage girls smuggling Baccardi into our basement. I am dealing with teenage dementia; forgotten homework assignments, last minute sleep overs. Oh the joys of living with three, two legged hormonal crazed youths!familymountain

I like the sound of the word  mother when I introduce myself. It sounds so official; it sounds like  I have advanced in ranks, earned my stripes. Just like the Private who became the General. This is why I am a mother, glad you asked. And yes I told you, it must be a cultural thing!

I have a dream! It’s more like a vision of how I am going to leave this world when my time is up: I want  to be remembered as the woman (mother) who inspired, empowered and made  each and everyone smile who wanted to be inspired, empowered and smiled at.

I want to be remembered as the woman who rubs off a bit of her energy to each and everyone she meets.

Passionate KISSESI want to be the one urging you to become a YES Girl! Say YES  to adding more fun and opportunities to your life!

You can call me Action Girl or Adventure Girl if you want (just kidding).  No seriously, instead of over-thinking, over analyzing or over-debating, I Kiss my Excuses Goodbye and take the plunge into the deep end. Just like I did nearly two years ago!  And this is the secret recipe to baking my cake (= raise my family) and eat it too (following my personal small or big, fat dreams).


And I want to show you HOW- if you are interested.

Because we owe it to ourselves and to our children to be (or become) the best version of ourselves!

We are more than just mother, we are an inspiration! To ourselves, to our family and to the world!                                                                                           

 In other words, if you have a big fat dream in your heart and lots of reasons (= excuses) in your head why not to pursue it (regardless of what it is, pole dancing, moving to Antarctica, joining an ashram, anybody?) then this site is for you!

How will I help?  I am going to offer sweet, delicious, passionate KISSES – of the most innocent, but highly effective kind- on this blog or via my web show called Motherpreneur TV.

Here is my promise to you:

I am only going to share with you the most practical, actionable, no-nonsense kisses you can imagine! Plus, I am going to share with you the lovely, talented people I dig. The ones I turn to when the going get’s tough (And no, Oprah is not one of them)!

My mission is to treat you and your time with love and respect!


Let’s do this together! Are you in? Yes?  You can drop me a line  Hello! Is there anything I can do for you? Can I help you with anything? Do you have a favourite excuse you like me to kiss goodbye? Yes? Then let me know here: Christinawaschko@gmail.com.  If you want to know a bit more about me click here!                   

 Thank you so much for coming into my orbit! I appreciate you, your energy, your questions, your comments and everything else!

What is a Motherpreneur exactly? Glad you asked. According to Christinapidia,  a Motherpreneur is more than a mother who runs or owns her own business.

Motherpreneur is a woman who is allowing her children to be her inspiration- and not her excuse – to do what she always wanted to do!


And if none of this is your bag of potato chips let me say: “Thank you so much for giving me your time today! It was a pleasure meeting you! Best wishes to you, always.” Christina

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