How To Marry a Prince!

                                                          (Or: How to make any big, fat dream come true)!

My 18 year old daughter revealed to  me: “I’m going to become a princess!  Can you please help me find my prince?

Sure I can, this is what we mothers are here for! (Note to myself: This is so much better than the Where do babies come from – talk!)

“Let me clarify this one first, what kind of prince are you talking about? The real one, or a man who loves you forever after?”

She was referring to the first type – who would also love her forever after.

Well, my first reaction could have been: “Forget it girl! You are pretty and well-mannered for sure- however, your parents don’t have the financial means to impress their future in-laws in any means! You are born into middle class! You will never, ever have the chance to meet or marry a true blue blooded man!”

But I didn’t say a word! Once upon a time my parents talked me out of everything I ever wanted, wished or hoped for- and justified their answers with pretty convincing excuses!

So I sat down with my daughter and together we created a step-to-step plan to action on How to Marry a Prince:

1. Step: Be crystal clear about what you want!

OK, this step she got! Let’s move on to

Step No.2:  WHY do you want to become a princess and why is it important to you?

Is it status? Do you want to live in a palace?  Did you read somewhere Princes live a pretty cool life style? Do you want to be part of that? Do you believe a Prince makes a better husband than neighbour Walther? Not that I want her to hook up with him- he is so not my kinda’ guy…Do you like to be called Your Royal Highness?

Step 3:  Whom exactly would you like to get married to?

Her answer: Prince Harry from England!

Prince Harry

My reaction: Yeepee! Great choice! He seems like a fun, sporty kinda guy from good stock. So liked his late mother Princess Di. Not so sure about his dad though. However, what  Prince Charles has going for him is his wonderful, proper English accent!

Yes, Harry is cool! Oh how I can so see myself as his mother-in-law…

Still, need to swing this idea by her Dad, The Best Man of All.

How to marry


Step 4: Create a plan of action of what  needs to be done  in order to meet him!

E.g. subscribe to The Royal Watch magazine and Hello magazine. Find out everything there is to know about Harry- everything from where he works (does he?) where he lives, where he hangs out when in London, who his friends are, where he spends his holidays, where he goes shopping (does he?), when and where his next Polo tournament is…you see my point.

Step 5:  Are you willing to do what it takes to meet him?

Are you willing to make personal sacrifices?

E.g. Are you willing to work to save for your flight ticket to London? Are you willing to work when all your friends are out partying? Are you willing to learn a new skill (e.g. riding and kicking a ball with a long stick at the same time)?


Step 6: Do you promise me to keep me up to date with your progress? I would love to be your cheerleader!!!!

Because everybody needs a shoulder to laugh and cry on!


Now my daughter knows what to do! I leave it up to her to keep her dream alive, change it, tweak it or let it die. But one thing is for sure, action is the name of the game.

Whatever we aspire to be or do, only action keeps us moving forward!

And Kissing these darn Excuses Goodbye!

Now you have the steps to action!

And here are 4 reasons why you should  follow your heart and get on with your big fat, or small dream/idea/vision:

P.S. All of this is true- apart from the daughter bit. I have three boys.

Sorry Harry, you will need to settle for a different mother-in-law…

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