It’s all about Timing!

Let me tell you about this crazy little thing called time! It can drive us cuckoo for sure! We all have the same amount, but most of us complain about not having enough. Or we complain that it goes too fast. Or we are worried that our time (to shine, marvel, achieve etc.) will never come, or has already passed us by!

Regardless of how we slice it, time is our most precious commodity as we can’t get it back! I assume you already know that. But have you realized the following? In life and in business, it’s all about timing!

I’m truly convinced everything that happens to us happens in perfect time! People we meet, opportunities we get and places we travel to, new adventures we experience! So often I became impatient with myself and the lack of progress I was making with a video project. Or I became frustrated with a no from a prospective client only to experience a much better yes from somebody else! Or the years I got frustrated about a firework show in downtown Vancouver…

For three years I wanted to watch one of the city’s prime firework displays. Downtown is a 50 minute car ride from our domicile, the top of a rock.  For three years the whole idea of taking public transport (no public parking spots after 3 pm anymore) and spending a whole day on the beach just to claim your spot nagged me out! And this year, just like magic, we were invited by our new friends who happen to live in a beautiful condo in downtown Vancouver! From the comfort of their balcony we watched the firework spectacle! See, this is what I call great timing!

Or the time I got public about my editing and filming skills? After nearly two years of hard work building my confidence and skills in front and behind the camera and on the editing table, the time was right to announce my services to the world!

2013-02-24 18.16.48

Or the time I started my coffee shop. My age, my experiences as mother, wife and world traveler gave me my unique selling point!

Or the time our first son was born? I was 32- had traveled the world and was happily engaged with my fitness career! I was ready to be a mother. My ‘wild’ twenties were behind me.

As I said, life and business is all about timing! There is no right or wrong time to do anything. There is only the ‘perfect’ time. It’s this crazy correlation were situations meet desire! Were opportunities present themselves. Where individuals cross your path that lead to new adventures, friendships and shared magical moments.

the glacier

It’s the time when we embrace and say YES to ourselves! It’s the time were patience is paid with dividends and we are willing to kiss our excuses goodbye!







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