Just Write Your Book: #Untrending, A Field Guide to Social Media That Matters

We all have a book inside of us!

Some of us will write it – some of us won’t.

Some of us contemplate about writing – some of us will regret not having written it.

The thought of creating something meaningful is scary. The thought of writing something silly, witty, entertaining, or ridiculously entertaining is scary too.

Therefore most of us come up with lots of reasons why not to write our book(s): “Where do I find the time and discipline to fill lots of pages” are just two of them

People have no interest in reading my story is another reason (or assumption) why many of us are not putting pen on paper- or in today’s world, start typing on our laptops.

I just finished #Untrending A Field Guide To Social Media That Matters by Vicki McLeod.


#Untrending is “a tiny book’. Vicki herself describes it as whimsical. Hers is a wonderful example of “Kiss your Excuses Goodbye’ and do it.

It’s refreshing to read.

It’s short. It’s written from the heart.

It’s filled with heartfelt stories and beautiful hand drawings for us to colour!


Vicki has written about a topic she loves and cares about, social media that matters.

Her readers (I assume) are  wary social media consumers. People like you and me. Individuals who know about the ridiculousness of getting sapped into watching singing, piano playing cats. Or clicking on yet another link that promises to share the most embarrassing celebrity moments-ever!

Deep inside our hearts we know we’re spending way too much time on our mobile devices. Or more importantly, checking our social media feeds.   You and I have our own reasons why doing so. The fear of being left out, on missing out (FOMO) on the next best trend, is one of them.

So how exactly can we all put heart and soul into our social media engagements so they matter?

Surprisingly, it’s very simple and easy to do. Vicki tells us how.


#Untrending is easy on the brain:

Miss V doesn’t preach, doesn’t sell, doesn’t make promises!

All she does is share the good that comes from putting heartfelt effort into every post or tweet we send out. And most importantly, how all of us can leave a cleaner cyber-print in this world.

As a matter of fact I know writing a book has been on Vicki’s bucket list for a very long time. I so love that she kissed one of her biggest excuses goodbye, lack of time. Somehow she managed to take chunks of time out of her very busy and successful coaching practice to write- because creating #Untrending was important to her!


#Untrending is a beautiful example of ‘it doesn’t need to be long and elaborate to get your message across.’

If the story inside of you is shouting loud and clear write me, write me, follow Vicki’s example and start by creating a tiny book (something different will follow for sure).

Get off social media right now and start typing!

Or better, read #Untrending first, get off your social media platforms and then write your tiny book!






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