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It has been roughly 20 years since I first peed my pants laughing so hard while watching Kevin defend the family castle.

Home Alone has become our must watch Christmas family movie – to the dismay of our boys (Not again!)

If Home Alone is to blame for my hearty belly laughs, the second one, where Kevin is accidentally left alone in New York, is to blame for my top entry on my travel bucket list: Visit New York City during Christmas time!

Well, over the years I happened to visit The Big Apple twice- always during their lovely summer season. No twinkling lights, ice skating or Christmas trees in sight.

For many years I told myself

It’s too far away!

I shouldn’t afford it, really!

I’m pregnant!

The boys are too small.

We don’t have anybody to leave them with!

I’m their mother! How egotistical, I can’t just leave my family home alone and enjoy myself without them!

And so on and so forth. What wonderful reasons why not to go!

Now, this year I finally put my foot down: I went! I finally Kissed all my Excuses Goodbye!

And once I made the decision, magic happened:

As soon as I became serious about my plan, the universe became my friend and helped out anywhere it could – or so it felt like:

The Best Man of All, Dominic decided to come with me ! Hurrah, he’s such a fun, low maintenance travel companion.


After I spent hours in front of the computer trying to find a great flight deal, I handed over the reigns to our local travel agent: She found us a direct flight for $600.00 (each) to JFK.

I browsed through Airb’nb and booked us a room on the upper east side for $90.00 p/night. The apartment is literally three blocks away from Central Park, a 15 minute stroll. The room was tiny, but now we know how it feels like to live in one of the craziest, most vibrant cities in the world.


If this wasn’t enough, our ¬†two house guests were more than willing to look after our three boys.

The force was with us. Or is it the universal reward system? Coincidence? Great timing?

I don’t know. You can call it what you want. All I know is this:

Once again we were rewarded for taking action.

Once again the ball started rolling as soon as I made the decision. The decision to go. I was committed, determined and put in the works (research).

And the same is going to happen to you!

Whatever is in your heart, whatever travel plans you have on your bucket list. Whatever crazy, silly, grand, small, amazing wish, plan or idea you have in your head, make yourself the promise to go for it!

Start with the decision to go! To start! To change! To create! And magic will happen! Guaranteed!

Wishing you the best of bestest wishes with your bucket list!

And yes, the trip was amazing! The city showed itself in it;s best behaviour. All dressed up with millions of beautiful twinkle light.


The tree at Rockefeller Center is beautiful.


New Yorkers are as loud, crazy and opinionated as they are portrayed in the movies. Totally my kind of people!


Have you ever experienced the universal rewards system? If so, what happened? Please share your story with me! I look forward to reading it!









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