52 New Experiences – Better than any Resolutions you May Have

We all want to live the grand life! We want to escape the same-old-same-old! We want to add spice not only to our daily meals- we want to add spice to our daily/weekly/monthly life! Year in and year out!

Jumping over our own shadows, conquering inner demons, outshining any Christmas decoration, saying YES  even if your head says NO!

As least I want that! How about you?

Once again I added 52 New Experiences to my life in 2015! And if you dare to count you will notice these 52 turned into over 100!

Over 100 new experiences I’ve never seen, tasted, experienced before! And they made me feel like I’m swaying on cloud 9: Drunk with satisfaction, pride and utter happiness! If you only want to promise yourself one thing in 2016, let it be this one:

Say YES to 52 New Experiences!

If you want or need proof, here are a few reasons:

 They take you places:

– Harrison Hot Springs (once in January, once during Canada Day):


– New York  City during Christmas time:


– Rodeo in Cloverdale


– The Okanagan



download (2)

– The Quay in New Westminster, BC

– Upper falls in Maple Ridge

Brohm Lake in Squamish

– High up into the sky: (BEST birthday present ever!!!).


FullSizeRender (1)

They will let you enjoy different restaurants/cafe’s:

– Greenhouse Cafe/ Maple Ridge

Cheesecrafters for High Tea


Mongolian Grill in Poco

You will discover a new game:

– World of Anarchy card game

They taste great:

– Chinese steamed dumplings

– Estonian Corn Syrup Cake

– African Peanut Soup

– Yo Martini (don’t ask me what that is, all I remember it tastes greatttttt)

– Home made Dutch Frinkadell, Bami and Kroketten


– Strawberry-lemon popsicles

– Bailey’s coffee for breakfast (Thank you Karen Lewis)!

more cups

– Salted caramel gelato

– Pepper Raspberry Biscotti

– I finally fall in love with blueberries, the taste of North America (it took me four years to finally love these berries!!!)


They get you out of the house and:

– Lifestyle/ clothes shopping with your personal stylist (Cheers Kim Louise)


– Get you a new hair cut/colour

– Night strolling through Vancouver (while my son was watching a heavy metal band-)

– Party-hardy with Left-of-the-dot


– Sail through Vancouver’s harbour


– Celebrated with other Dynamic Women in Action during their Fusion event

– Filmed Dare to Leap – event in downtown Vancouver

– Joined a dinner party courtesy of Ms Alice Zhou and private Chef Dimitri


You can watch groovy, talented singers/actors/mothers, speakers and stuff in between:

– Footloose with the cast of Garibaldi High school

– Footloose again at the Messey Theatre in New Westminster

Social Media Mastery Conference

– Elvis Impersonators during an Elvis tribute evening

– Comedy show at Cascades Casion in Abbotsford

ABBA tribute Band

Lovely mothers during Leading Mom’s Event at Science Museum Vancouver

Madonna, Rogers Arena


– Luna Eclipse from our deck (Blood Moon)

– Bear in our backyard

– Bruce Willis in Misery while in NY

– My friend Michael using Team Viewer, taking over my computer for some fix’n!

– An osteopath checking my spinal alignments!

– Seeing the office of The Best Man of All burn down (not recommended for repetition)!

– During our annual Carribean Festival in Maple Ridge


– At Vancouver’s International Film Festival: Watched the world premiere of Cherry Cake – a  sexy little short film produced by Colin Gerrard and directed by Jaine Green!

You’re able to help:

– My friend Anne to set up her first shop

– Contributed text for websites and did social media engagements for Mango Moka and MK Farm Market


– Helped my friends Michael and Marie direct a video pitch for a crowd funding campaign

– During a school trip to Grouse Mt. Climbed up the grind with the teenagers and made sure nobody stayed behind!

– During the night long Dry Grad of our son Brando (and went home at 6.20 AM! Yeah!)


– Entertaining the neighbourhood: My friend Ulli and I sang XMas carols!


We helped Anastasia with her photo project and received lovely family photos in return!

– Created a testimonial video for Hanna Direct to help with client acquisition!

– Supported the Community Garage Sale: I paid the fee to attend and the community paid me for my dresses and T-shirts:


– Created more promo videos during live events. Just what I did for Jono Willcocks of Pinnacle Pursuits!

Widens your horizon:

– Attended Business Alley in PoCo

– Listened in during Vancouver’s First ever Tedx talk for Women- and wrote about it!


– Created, promoted and hosted the First ever ADVENTURE DAY! (WooPee, super proud of this one)!!!!!!


– At Vancouver’s Christmas Market (no, I’m not going back! For one thing, Christmas Markets are free- or better, should be free)!!!


– Bright Lights in Stanley Park



52 New Experiences offer exercises in all different shapes and forms:

– Chineese Dancing (no photo here- thankfully! I’m sure I looked too silly…ha,ha)

– Wakeboarding

Big Foot cycling

– Hiking half up The Chief in Squamish

– Pumping up own SUP

– Belly Dancing


– Crossing our rock in front of our front door

– Hiked up to reach our massive power lines.

You will learn new things:

– How to film with a green screen and subsequently, how to edit with a green screen

– Created a 35 slide webinar

– How to use the Num Lock keyboard for some fancy codes

– How to create a kick-ass testimonial video with clips from android and apple devices

– About the more than amazing life story of Jordan Belfort (read: The Wolf of Wall Street)

– With the Emotion Code I learned I’m not in menopause-yet!

– All about Premiere Pro CC- the most amazing video software program on the planet!

– Sent out first mail to my subscribers list (and have done ever since)

– Breadpudding



– Presented for VBM: “It’s not what you sell but How you sell it!” And learned, I need to do it my way, don’t follow somebody else’ structure or advice!


IMG_1100– How to make Bechamel sauce from scratch

– How to use Survey Monkey

– How to promote myself for my Mini Shoot series

converted poster

– More about  style during a weekend with Pink + Grey

– How to compile a super short promo video (Mango Moka)

– Learned Yuology is not for me!

– How to trust myself and in everything I put out into this world with the help of  Ms Vicki McLeod, coach extraordinaire!

IMG_4407– Invested into a new computer and installed Windows 10 – and had to learn how to fix some hick-ups!


It feels decadent- sort of:

– During the hot summer months I went for days without wearing underpants- Oh La la, now you know!

– Created Mini shoots with the help of Diane Rolston’s mastermind session!

– Created and moved into my light, cozy, delicious, first home office here in Canada!

– Taught Microsoft Movie Maker


It’s freak’n EXCITING:

– Got interviewed for Novus TV

– Was interviewed for live podcast during Social Media Mastery Conference

– Interviewed for PJama podcast

– Got invited to the launch party of the Stanley Park Pavillion


– Did the leap of Faith (Holy Shit, this is brilliant)!

What Motivate You-

– Pitched the Squamish Touristboard for free accommodation in return for write-up! And got it!!!

– Keynote speaker during one of Abbotsford’s Connect Now Women Meetings: How to shoot videos and selfies!”

– First videos to receive over 2000 and 4000 views! Yeah!

– Jumped off a huge, tall tree at lake Alouette


– Jumped of the high edge in our local, outdoor pool!

– Received amazing reactions from Australia after I posted this video of their company (Praise is such a beautiful feeling)!!!

– Received note, one of UK’s Production companies asked permission to use this clip in one of their upcoming shows! (Another YEah!)


Make 2016 YOUR YEAR!

The year you say YES to at least 52 New Experiences! And once committed, they will easily turn into over 100 new things you’ve never done, ate or experienced before!

As you can read they don’t need to be expensive or extravagant. It’s all in your definition!

I root for you!

Commit! I know you want to!









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