#52 New Experiences in 2016

Well, you know how the saying goes: Better late than Never!

I feel slightly ashamed that it took so long for me to compile this wonderful list. There is always something else to do, like filming or editing a video, mothering our three boys, hanging out with friends, reading, trying a new recipe…you get the idea!

So, without further ado, here they are, #52 New experiences that brightened up my year in 2016. And if you feel like counting you’ll find more than 150 items on last years list of big and small new adventures.

As always, it’s the small stuff that makes life extraordinary!

To live a life full of personal challenges, full of “WoW” moments doesn’t cost a fortune. Let me prove it to you:


In the Food-Category I

Baked scones


Cooked a lentil curry.

Cooked Spaghetti squash.

Made my own sausages &

Bounty Bars.


Made my own pesto with garlic scapes (the best!!!).


Baked cheesy brussel sprouts.

Made falaffels.

Visited Calabash Restaurant and ate Caribbean food.

Visited Tasty Little Indian Bistro,

Mission Springs Restaurant.

Mission Horse Cafe.

Bourdour Restaurant.

Drank tea in Mongolian Yurt in Germany (where else?)

Discovered Besties” in Vancouver’s Chinatown: They serve the best Currywust this side of Germany!


I ate:

Sweet potatoes.

Islandic yogurt.

Homemade pulled pork.

Halal bread with goat butter.

Lots of different Arabian food at my friends Lozan’s wedding.


A white chocolate Clif Bar.

A purple lavender muffin.

HR Lavender muffin

An 8-course Malaysian meal.

Yellow beets/ roasted beets with lamb chops.



a Tai Mai

and my first Martini (you guessed it, I’m not a big drinker).


In the Adventure-Category I

Hiked up to the 2. Peak of The Chief in Squamish.

Rode the Sea to Sky Gondola.

Walked home from a far away soccer field (it took 2 glorious hours)

Bought a kayak and kayaked on


8 different lakes/canals/waterways/rivers.

Walked up to Widgeon Falls and swam in one of the rock pools.

Hiked blue trail in UBC Research Forest and ended up on the Lookout.


Cycled along Kanaka Trail in our hometown Maple Ridge.

Camped at Shuswap Lake in our friends backyard.


Took part in a (walking) Vancouver City Safari.

Stayed overnight in Vancouver with a video client.

Filmed “A Midsummer Nights Dream” from the top of a ladder.

My kayak and I were pulled by a speed boat.

Watched meteor shower from the top of our rock.

Discovered Alco Park and went for a 2 hour long tubing trip.

Drove 1500 km by myself from San Francisco to Maple Ridge.


Enjoyed my first ever manicure (thank you mom!).


Drove in smart car.

Left my four men home alone for two full weeks (ah, what a treat!).

One of my video clients called the video I made of her “unprofessional”- hmmm, it was an adventure of the emotional kind.

Stayed overnight at a friends cottage on Cultus Lake.

Visited Queen Elizabeth Garden.

Met the guys behind One Nation Recording Studio and filmed them in action.


Hiked at the grounds of Westminster Abbey in Mission.


I Learned:

All the fine tuning with my video editing software.

Something interesting about myself during a group coaching session with Vicki McLeod.

How to make hennah tattoos.

About audio recordings.

How to put ads onto my You Tube videos (Thank you Brooadband TV).

How to pay via eTransfer.

How to bind a wreath.


How to tie up two kayaks on top of my car.


On a professional level I received Praise and Exposure:

Skype interview with Eazle co- founder Davis Jones about Motherpreneuring.

Zoom interview with Toni Nelson about book writing.

Vicki McLeod and Marilyn Wilson both mentioned my video expertise in their respected newspaper column/ blog. Thank you both!


Events Attended:

Soul Setting workshop with Vicki McLeod.

Kudoz Launch Party (and spoke in front of total strangers!)

Life is brighter with daily adventures!

eWoman Mastermind group.

eWoman lunch.

Watched Grease at our local High School.

Watched The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Visited Food Show at Tradex.

Visited our local Wine Fest.

Ventured out to  Red Room/Vancouver and watched our son Brando perform.


Introduced Brando to the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam on his 19th b’day.

Watched First – Nation singers at our local ACT Theatre.

Went to a Salad -in- a -jar making workshop.

Full Moon Women Circle get-together.

Filmed at Charlie Rosso Art Gallery.

Visited Pitt Meadows Parade on July 1.

Film summer

Got a glimpse of JOMO Retreat at Loon Lake with the wonderful Vicki Mcleod.

Discovered Peter Tams Potluck dinners &

Peter’s Living Room concert series.


Took part in:

Skill Share course.

In Balance Yoga class.

Kudoz experiences hosted in my home.

Private art journaling class.

Pinnacle Pursuits Xmas party.

Games of Scattergories.

New Kieler Christmas Market.

Heart Journey Workshop.



Scary pumpkin heads with our three boys!


First After Effects video.

A fish made of paper mache.

Fish, paper mache

Salmon Run (my first ever nature video).

Commissioned a designer dress.

Promotional video for 7Deals online offer.

Promo videos for Emerald Pigs Theatrical Society.


Promo for Love that Deal – card.

Put together a DVD with highlights and behind the scenes of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’.

Speech bubbles for theater production.

Pigs and circles

Created hospital room in underground garage to film scene for theater production.



Girls Poker Night (funny).

How to find your Soul Purpose (Interesting!).

Biography of A. Schwarzenegger (Inspiring).

First Impressions (OK-ish).

Rumour (heart warming).

The Wealthy Barber Returns (Ha,ha).

Untrending (short ‘n sweet and interesting).


Drinking and Dating (Why did I pick this one…?).

The Dip (S. Godin, well done, common sense logic)!

Life’s Golden Ticket (Great if you are at the beginning of your journey).

The War of Art (Top).

Do The Work (!).

Turning Pro (Love it).




Almighty Johnsons (Kiwi humour at its best- a must watch).

The Truth.

House of Cards (4th season).


The Revenant (3x actually).

The 100 Foot Journey.

Scandal (all 90 episodes- and loved every single one).

The Tragically Hip, live stream at our local theatre.

Florence Foster Jenkins (the dance scene is phenomenal).


New Places we/I discovered:

Coit Tower, San Francisco.

Gratia Bakery and Cafe.

Dinner and Dance at Discovery Church.

Drive in Theatre (yes, never been before. We watched Eddie the Eagle).

Manning Park.


Special Moments:

My mother-in-law passed away.

Breakthrough discoveries during meditation session.

Said no to a month long gig for a major bank (= Freedom! Instead I concentrated on my videography business).

I turned Pro (metaphorically and physically).

Dealt with a mentally disturbed client and got a lawyer involved!


Shall I leave you with this? Me getting a lawyer involved? Better not. I kept the best for last: After 10 years of saying no to my children’s biggest wish I finally kissed all my excuses goodbye and said YES to…

adopting a baby girl!

Welcome to our family you beautiful, four legged puppy named Koda! The best man of all adopted her on December 20, 2016 – and our life hasn’t been the same ever since!

Koda (2)


I hope these little adventures have inspired you to kiss your excuses goodbye and to say Yes to create more fun and opportunities for your life. Please let me know how it’s going! I’m excited to hear about your adventures!

Happy belated New Year 2017!






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