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Dear Adventurista, thank you for popping in!
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 KISS YOUR EXCUSES GOODBYE              ADVENTURE DAY at beautiful Loon Lake!


Experience the thrill of getting face to face with your personal, self- limiting thoughts and beliefs – and squoosh them! We are going to help you do what you’ve been putting off in your life! Today is the day you are going to prove to yourself: YES I CAN!”

Our day event combines fun, a mini workshop (a step-by-step plan to action of how to kiss our excuses goodbye), the great outdoors, group discussions and banter, a delicious lunch and lots of hands on activities!                                                                                                                                          

 Who is it for? We designed this day for every woman who wants to put her self limiting beliefs, thoughts and excuses to rest! Once and for all! 

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  • You are a woman who knows who she is and what she wants.
  • You have an idea in your head! You have a dream in your heart- and you want to make it a reality!
  • You wrote your goal sheet!  Your vision board is done, you visualize, you meditate and started taking action! And still, something is missing!
  • There is still a bit of self doubt inside of you: What if I …fail, embarrass myself…don’t get the help I need…
  • You want that extra little push, the motivation to get you up- and keep you going on the road from idea to reality!

We are shredding these excuses (and a few more) with various physical activities under the watchful eyes of Jono Willcocks, highly trained, experienced and super fun owner of Pinnacle Pursuits, one of the best personal and adventure companies in the Lower Mainlands. 
If you live an excuse-free life but you love physical challenges - you can join us too!  If you crave outdoor adventures you can join us as well! During Adventure Day you get easy access to various equipment and experiences without driving to different locations! All here at your convenience on the private grounds of the UBC Research Forest!
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How can outdoor activities help me Kiss my Excuses Goodbye?
Being outside in fresh air makes us feel good! If we add physical activities we create more of the positive feelings due to the release of endorphines and seratonin (the happiness hormone). Being active gives us energy! It clears your mind! We become more focused and creative in our thinking! Physical activities helps us relax!  We reach a sense of accomplishment!  It's a fantastic way to let off steam and it helps us stay in shape! However,
You don't need to be athletic to take
If we want to make our ideas, our vision, our plans and dreams come true we need to be totally excited about them!
Our heart, our head and our body need to be in sync with what we want to achieve!  We can break through mental self doubt with taking part in physical challenges!  But don't just take it from me, listen in to what Colleen Wynia,  Lifestyle Wellness Coach and huge advocate of The Law of Attraction has to say about the connection between activities and reaching for the stars:

We want you to feel the excitement of having done something you may have never done before in your life! You're beaming, you are ecstatic, you can't believe you've just mastered 'the impossible' task! In real life- not just in your head during visualization or meditation! Can you believe it?
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The next time the voices inside your head start singing "You can't do this" - you will laugh them off !  From now onwards you will remember, "Yes I Can!"
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I'll promise you!
We want you to be sure this event is for you! So please, if you have any questions, concerns, hesitations or anything on your mind whatsoever, please call me, Christina on 778-879 5657 and I will answer all your queries!
Here is what our day will look like:

9-9.30 am Arrival at beautiful Loon Lake in Maple Ridge!

  • A mini workshop with a step-by-step plan of action on how to kiss our most common excuses goodbye!
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  • 12 pm: A delicious picnic lunch out by the lake (please let us know about any dietary restrictions you may have)lunch spread
  • 1 pm:  Let the hands-on fun begin! Several break-through group activities are waiting for you! We don't want to give away too much here. All we can say is they involve the forest, rocks and water! And no, you don't need to be fit or athletic to take part in any of these activities!
The price includes:
  • A full day out on the private grounds of The UBC Reasearch Forest with access to the Loon Lake Conference and Retreat Centre.
  • A fun day out in the company of new friends (Priceless! Three different activities all on one location instead of paying for them separately on different  locations (Value, $250.00)).
  • A delicious lunch (please let us know about any dietary restrictions).
  • A copy of my book " The Strawberry Lounge Story" How I got over my Fears, Dumped my Excuses and started the Business of my Dreams, The Motherpreneur Way (value 25.00)
  • newbookcover
  • Supervised break through activities with one of the best, most experienced personal development and  adventure coach in the Lower Mainland Area, Jono Willcocks.
  • Jono's company Pinnacle Pursuits concentrates mostly on corporate clients (e.g. B.C. Hydro, Lululemon, Coast Capital Savings).  Partnering up with him for this private event is more than just "WOW"!

 At the end of our day together you will be

  • feeling more connected to your true self!
  • feeling inspired, motivated and equipped with your personal road map of how to kiss your personal excuses goodbye to make 2015 the best it can be for you! 
  • having experienced that your excuses, fears and self limiting beliefs are not real!
  • You will have a fun, inspirational, helpful book to read (mine, The Strawberry Lounge Story).  
  • We want you to make sure this is a day for you. So please, if you have any questions, concerns, hesitations or anything on your mind whatsoever, please call me, Christina on 778-879 5657 and I will answer all your queries!

How will you get here? Loon Lake in Maple Ridge is approximately an hours drive east of Vancouver. We are 30 minutes west of Mission.  For directions please click here!

We look forward to meeting you for big smooches of our Excuses Goodbye on Sunday, August 30, 2015!
Christina and Jono!
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