You are Born That Way!

An individualistic dress look can be bought in very shop! Embracing your uniqueness is priceless! C. Waschko

I am born with small boobs, short legs and a long nose! I don’t mind the short legs, I am born that way! My parents are shorties, so am I.

To fall in love with my nose took a little bit longer. I finally chose to believe my cousin that long, straight and pointy is a sign of a strong personality in comparison to a small, round and cute one (her words, not mine). The boobs were a totally different matter altogether! During my first year in high school my girl friends started wearing bras (a what?).The boys couldn’t help but stare at them (the boobs that is).The girls with the bras scored dates. They were noticed, they were popular.

And I? Nothing! Flat as a pancake, flat as an iron board! Oh how I longed to be part of the conversations, get a date with one of the boys or go shopping for a bra! But no, nothing happened in the frontal department. When it finally started growing it was a quick spurt of…tininess – and stopped as soon as it started. It was torture not being part of the norm. As a teenager I wanted so desperately be part of the girls-have-boobs-wear-bra-club! But no, Christina was different! To this day she is!

And so are you- every one of us is!

Life is good, just the way I look!

Life is good, just the way I look!

Then magic happened: I fall in love with physical exercise. In the changing rooms, during and after our PE classes, I heard the boob-girls moan and complain: Running was big breasts apparently is painful. Some bra straps leave marks on the shoulders; the really fancy bathing suits don’t support big bussoms. They couldn’t dance the way they wanted to because ‘it would wiggled’ too much. After I won a pretty dramatic 300 meter race I had my AHHH moment!

It was the moment I truly and fully appreciated for what I don’t have. I was free! I was able to run, jump, twist, dance, swim, skate…whatever it is I wanted to do without any pain, without any undo expenses, without any worry of too much wiggle! That was the moment I fully appreciated the uniqueness and advantages of having what has been given to me!

If size really mattered I could have had something done about it later on in life! I didn’t. I like myself, short legs and all. Meet my friend Lauren! Like all of us Lauren has a very unique feature. But unlike mine hers couldn’t be corrected or changed cosmetically!

Lauren and I, a shortie and a tall one, in total sync with each other and their bodies!

Lauren and I! A shortie and a tall one, in total sync with each other and their bodies! Find her at

Lauren is born a very tall woman: A very straight, proud 6’5 to be precise. Being this tall makes you the center of attention; if you want to or not! After years of struggling and coming to terms with being sooo tall, Lauren finally said to herself: Woman-up girl, let’s have some fun with the size!

Here are her three tips on how to truly own your uniqueness:

1). Make the conscious decision to embrace your feature!

There is nothing you can do anyway. You have to live with yourself for the rest of your life! So better fall in love with what you have than wishing, hoping and praying for something that will never happen! If you are tall, stand tall! If you are short, stand tall too! Knowing how to dress if you are short and stocky is the secret to a long and leaner look!

2). Put a positive spin on it!

Allow ‘your special something’ to be a conversation starter. Be open, honest and fun about it.  Sometimes people find it embarrassing to mention your e.g. big scar on the face, your height, your freckles; they try not to stare but their eyes will always come back to this particular ‘something’. Satisfy their curiosity with something fun, like:” Wanna’ know how many freckles I have?  920. I counted them last night! How many do you have?”

If we like ourselves just the way we are others will like us too. If we are happy, open and honest about ourselves, others will feel comfortable around us too.

3). Never ever apologize for who you are, not even to yourself!

This counts for all of us! Especially when we are a mother/parent it is important to set an example for our children. If we have boys we teach them that women do look different than in magazines and on TV. If we have girls we show them it’s OK to be the way we are- big boobs or not! The world is full of excuse-makers, let’s be different and not complain or apologize for who we are and how we look like! Let’s celebrate with what Mother Nature has given us!

Easier said than done?  Of course it is! Just because we know what to do doesn’t mean we are doing it!  We know when we are ready to embrace and celebrate! What is your unique feature and how do you embrace it? When and how did you experience your “AHHH”- moment? Leave me your comments below either in the Facebook box or the comment box. I look forward to celebrating with you! (Now that you know more about me than my own mother it’s only fair to share here, don’t you think?)

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