But, Others will be Talking about Me…

It’s decision time! And as always my alter ego, the adventurous YES girl is yearning to go for it!

The other half, the more sensible one, the good girl, the mother, my Germaness is wanting to pull the brakes: “Don’t you dare Christina. Your neighbours/friends/kids/Best Man of All (husband)/aquaintances/ won’t like it, they will be talking behind your back…

At times I’m torn between what I want and the role I’m supposed to play at this particular time.

Can a mother of three teenagers really get away with wearing a short skirt and a denim jacket? (hint: YES she can).

There’s one sweet piece of brownie left and everybody is too polite to grab it- shall I? (hint: Yes you can).

Can I really say NO to yet another meeting with some event planners? (hint: YES you can).

The guy who pitched his heart out at the door to sign me up for his roof cleaning service, shall I give him the cold shoulder? (hint: A polite no works!)

Lots of women adore this particular biz icon- I can’t stand her. Shall I go to the event, or rather indulge in a delicious me & sofa time? (hint: sofa time)

The prices of my video services are lower than the ones of my colleagues in the big city! Will people take me serious? (hint: YES they do)!

If you are worried about what others might be thinking of you if you wear the short skirt/take the last piece of brownie/stay at home/say no to a boring meeting- here is the best advice I ever got from somebody I interviewed for my Motherpreneur TV series:

“If you really know how little other people are thinking about you you wouldn’t have this conversation with yourself right now and just do it.”

Please, read this again, and again-then let it sink in, fully!

We’re so good in convincing ourselves that others really care about what we do and have an opinion about it. Right. They do, for 2 minutes perhaps. And then everybody is back to their self centered me-time! We live in a fast, fast world. Today’s headlines are tomorrow’s Fish’n Chips wrapping paper..do I need to say more?

Now, put your skirt on, go outside, dance in the rain, take the solo trip you yearn for for so long, write your book, call up an old flame, audition for the toothpaste commercial you always wanted to do, kiss your Best Man of All in full view of your mother-in-law-

Because you can!

Because you want to

and most importantly,

nobody really cares about what you do. Unless, your mother-in-law perhaps!

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christina Waschko

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