Just Do It- What a Big, Fat Lie!


” So, Jane, tell us, how did you create such a fabulous networking event?”

“What do you mean? I love organizing parties so I just did it!” 

“Congratulations Mike on your gold medal win, how did you do it?”

“Well, I took a deep breath, concentrated, visualized the outcome and put on the best performance of my life!”

“Well done Mary on opening the most successful shop in the history of this street. Tell us, how did you do it?”

“Simple! I combined my natural passion with my desire to open my own business!”

And so on and so forth! These folks are telling us it’s simple, it’s easy, it’s as straight forward as following Nike’s own Just Do It!

Is it really?

I always get so nagged out about about the simplicity of these answers. Of course I know we need to believe in ourselves, take action towards our goal and to never give up. However, how easy is it really to follow the world’s most inspiring advertising slogan?

And if it’s that simple, why aren’t more of us just doing it?

Here is why:

Just Do IT is the hardest advice to follow-ever!

Why?  Because it’s scary!

Let me take you behind the scenes of this amazingly simple concept! I want you to know about the rituals that take place before anybody Just Does It. Because if you know about these you will never put somebody on a pedestal again and you will never feel inadequate because you haven’t done it yet!

Being spontanuous during fun and playtime is easy! If nothing is at stake most of us can Just do it!

Taking a spontanuous road trip during the weekend?

Making an impulse purchase?

Throwing an impromptu barbeque during a sunny Thursday evening?

Running to the shop without shoes on?  No problemo here!  As I said, when it comes to the small stuff in life we can all Just do it!

summer tips

When it comes to matters of the heart,

in recreating oneself,

in making a dream come true,

in making an impact on the world or on your own life we need to take serious action! You and I we know that! Changing our life, making our dreams come true is serious business! These are changes with long lasting consequences!

Unlike the spontaneous road trip to Whistler we make sure we pack our toothbrush and take a second set of clothes! This time around we are more hesitant!  But when we are ready we pack, we pack really well! We even pack the parachute before we jump. And we make sure it opens up during mid flight !

Before anybody achieved grandness or success in their chosen field most of these successful individuals followed a set of rituals before they Just Did It. Here are a few of them, in no chronological order:

They went through

– Some serious soul searching!

They debated with themselves about what they want and why we want it! They allowed themselves to get side lined by self doubt (”Why change my status quo? Life is so good right now. This is only a dream, it can never become true”). In other words, they needed to Kiss their Excuses Goodbye!

They invested in personal development courses or even in a life coach!

They went on retreats to find their gifts, their passion or their calling!

They furthered their professional development by taking classes in e.g. accountancy, basic selling, marketing, cooking, blogging, editing…

They put their personal life on hold! They read, went networking, made connections, made hundreds of phone calls, got out of their personal comfort zone and grew in every aspect of life!

– When it comes to sport performances these athletes invested days, weeks, months and even years in hard, systematic, hour long training sessions.

They got up when others were still asleep. They stayed up longer while the rest of the world was already in bed. They performed, they failed but got up –  over and over again.

They visualized, meditated, chanted mantras and created vision boards!

– The business owner with his successful shop went through months and months of working without paying himself.  He endured sleepless nights and emotional turmoil.

– Anybody successful put hours into perfecting the tricks of the trade. These folks offered hours and hours of unpaid labour to build their name, their reputation and built up their skill set!


And when all is said and done, when they stand in front of a crowded room / stadium/ -when their blog posts reach thousands, their products sell across the world, guests queuing up in front of their shop, their messages carry wait, we applauding them –  yes, they simply just did it!

Now you know what it takes to follow the world’s greatest advertising slogan!

How do you feel at this moment? Relieved? Reassured? Happy? Inspired?

I feel totally inspired! We all have the same chances, we all have an opportunity to make our big, fat dreams come true- if  we’re willing to

Kiss (excuses goodbye),

Eliminate our But’s (basically the same as kissing excuses goodbye)

+ get off our Butts (= taking action)!

Are you on a mission to follow your heart? If yes, how do you ‘just do it’? Let us know in the comment section! Cheers and Thank you for sharing your tips! I value and appreciate your insight!

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