Caring Too Much about What Others Might Be Thinking of YOU?

Do you expect me to say

Worrying, what a waste of precious time – Life is too short, go for it!

What a waste of your talent.

One day you are going to regret not having acted.

One day –  it’s too late?”


All of these are correct, for sure!

But the real reason, the one and only reason you should stop worrying about what others might be thinking of you is:

(apologies for the harsh words, I am quoting my neighbour Mike. He, like no other can say it so eloquently)

“Christina, I give a rat’s ass about what you are doing!”


This is the truth, the absolute truth:

Others don’t really care about us!

I am so busy making sure I look and sound great that there is hardly any room for worrying about YOU, the other person!

I  listen to you, I may glance at your outfit, I will take part in your debate- but sister (and brother), honestly, you are making too big of a deal about yourself!

As long as you don’t threaten mine- and my family’-s safety, well being, property, freedom or  finances- I’ll give a rat’s ass about what you are up to!

I will cheer you on- I will love and support you in your adventures! I will hug you,  laugh and cry with you!

But more than that? Get over yourself!

My life is full of moments, issues, challenges. My life is full of precious children and a husband!

The least of my worries is to worry about how you look or sound like- what you just wrote about- if you want to travel to Paris or not, if you are getting a divorce, announce you have been hiding in the gay closet, you prefer to be a man (or woman- whoever reads this), you vote for the Democrats, you have an affair, are in love with your dog,  you love eating monkey brains, go climbing Mt Everest, want to live in an igloo, train for a marathon, cut your hair, dyed your pubs, went topless on the beach, change your life and live in an Ashram…go and do it!

Don’t let your perception of what I might be thinking of you hold you back from experiencing and living your big, fat or small and silly dreams or ideas!

I don’t give a bazoola! And so does everybody else!



And yes, this is your ticket to freedom! Go and use it!

Permission granted!

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