Make a Splash!


You want to make a splash? You want to make a (positive ) impact in the world we live in?

You want to make an impact in your corner of the globe?

Stand for something!

Use the right words (your right words) to express who you are and what you want !

What do you stand for?

What are you fighting for?

What do you want? What do you want to help with?

What are you selling?

Be clear! Be specific! Have an opinion! Sell me your idea or your product with everything you’ve got and the dictionary has to offer!

Be brave! Be loud! Be bold!

Let me say it again: Stand for something! Evolve! Learn! Work your butt off!

In my opinion, the best person who makes a splash, for decades now,  is Madonna!


She works in one of the most cut-throat industries in the world! The competition is young, stiff, relentless and by the thousands!

What does she stand for?

In my eyes she stands for freedom:

The freedom to express yourself in any way you want and can!

Hard work: She isn’t a beauty! She doesn’t have an amazing voice!  She works hard on improving her body and voice-daily!

(Oh, I know, I follow her on FB)!

She stands for Determination, Perseverance, Arrogance.

She stands for “NO” is just a word, not an answer!

She is one of the best salespeople in the biz. She reminds us we don’t need her music, but we should want to listen to what she has to sing and talk about!

She is the embodiment of “fitness and strength!”

She wants to make money!

And most importantly, she really gives a rat’s ass about what others are thinking about her!

I Like it! I Like it a lot!


If you are not quite sure who you are or what words to use to describe yourself with, go and check on the person you really like, admire even!

It doesn’t need to be a high caliber like e.g.Madonna, Sir Richard Brenson, Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs, Jimmy Fallon, Sheryl Sandberg, to name a few!

It can be your dad, your mother, your high school teacher, your soccer coach, your cooking class mate, the shopkeeper down the road, the lovely mother from the playground…

It can be anybody who inspires you to do good! To be bold! To be different! To be a one-of-a kind person!  To be street smart!  Or to be cut-throat!

You decide!

Why do you like him or her so much?

What is it about the person you want to have a slice off? Is it their determination? Their perseverance?  Their big heart?  Is it their pursuit of excellence? Does he/she know how to bend the law?

It’s a free world we live in! The only rules we live by are the ones we are writing for ourselves!

And this dear friends, is how to make a splash!!!!

What do you stand for?



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