Let Your Man Be a Man – again!


The modern man is going through difficult times these days. Right, left and in front of him we women are taking over.

Not only are we as educated (if not better and higher) than he is, we are taking over his domain of jobs, sports and recreation!

We can pay for our own dinners, vacations, fix our lampshades, drill holes in the wall,  and most definitely, we can hold our own conversations and our own doors open!

No wonder men are confused:

Is he flirting with me?  Or was she only explaining quantum leap and time travel to me?”

“Does she want me to ask her out? She casually mentioned she’s living alone!”

“Will I look like a fool if I suggest to go dutch?”


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As soon as man settles down to a blissful life of marital matrimony She, the Best Wife of them All wants to live her big, fat dream!

She wants to change gears. She wants to stop working in her current job! In her mind she’s ready to take on the world! To change the world to the better! Her current job description isn’t enough anymore!

The following is written by a husband who needed to write it off his chest:


Isn’t it enough I am working my butt off so you don’t have to?

We have beautiful children! And you, my lovely wife, have the privilege of raising them!

You work part time!  You are a super girl. But now you’re telling me you’re not fulfilled. You say, “There is more to life than raising kids, earning money only to pay for childcare, clothes and groceries!”

What’s going on in your pretty head? 

Why isn’t my wife happy with what I offer her? Where does her urge for self-fulfillment coming from? 

Man, this is difficult for me! I am already doing my share of housework. I even pick up the kids from school if I am able to!  At times I cook,  I know how the dishwasher works, even bought the newest Dyson vacuum! My father never had to do that…

You taught me how to listen to you. Today I know ‘ it will take a minute’  is code for: ’20 minute long conversation’!

In your field of work you are able to kick serious ass! You earn a nice amount  of money! But it seems like this is not what you want anymore! You want self-fulfillment. You want to recreate yourself. You want to do meaningful work. Something that feeds your soul and your heart!

Wow, if I only had the luxury! 

Most of us men don’t have this luxury! We are working to feed our family- not  our soul (some men do, not me)!

We are working to make our own life as comfortable as possible- not to change the world!


You want me to support you in your personal pursuit of happiness / fulfilment and finding your spot in career heaven? 

Here is the deal:

If you make sure my needs are fulfilled you can have and do whatever your beautiful heart desires!

Let me be a man again!

Make me feel like a man!

Give me the feeling I am the most important person in the world for you!

Feed me! Water me! Leave me my personal space and freedom  when I need it (and no, I am not cheating on you when I am off with the boys).

Let’s put ‘having sex’ in our weekly activity calendar!

Remember how your mom spoils your dad? This is what I want!

Keep on working part time and work on your big, fat dream at night, on holidays and on the weekend. I will watch and play with our juniors. I will keep on doing the dishes as well. 

With love,

Husband No.1 who wants to stay No.1!

Happily Ever After


If all this sounds too easy and too good to be true, click here to find your step-to-step plan of action on how to deal with a husband who doesn’t get you/your dream/vision or idea!

Is your Best Man of them All supporting you? If yes, what did it take to convince him? Or is he a ‘natural supporter?’ I look forward to hearing your bit of the story!





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