How to Live an Exciting Life –

it’s so simple, it’s going to knock your socks off!

I remember the day Elvis died!

I was only little, but this day I remember well: My dad was destroyed, devastated, heartbroken! The King was dead!

Dad had tears in his eyes when he told me. And more than his tears I remember his words:

“How could this happen? He had everything, everything under the sun, and he wasn’t happy.”

Isn’t it amazing?  Fame, money and living the good life  isn’t a guarantee for a fulfilled life!

I always figured it would be fabulous to stay in 5 star hotels everywhere we go, eat out in the best restaurants, purchase only the finest of the finest of everything.

Imagine you would never have to work anymore, ever! Imagine all your wishes would be catered for! Imagine you have a driver, a cook, a massage therapist…somebody for everything!

Well, I am sure you get the picture!

So after careful consideration I came to the conclusion it would be boring – yes, boring, to live a life of everything without any wants, challenges and crazy rides!

And then I looked into this a bit more and it turns out our brain is designed to solve puzzles. Our brain thrives and challenges and novelty! Our brain doesn’t like the same old same old! It wants and needs stimulus!

No wonder some of the rich folks are miserable and go crazy! They crave excitement!

One of the most simple ways to create more fun and excitement into our life – and this is attainable for everybody – is by adding simple, new experiences into our daily routine!

It doesn’t matter how small or big they are, as long as they are new to us! It can be something simple like ordering a dish you never had before at your favourite restaurant, listening to to hard rock band, reading a Harlequin novel…you see my point!

Take on my challenge from the video and start your own Happiness Jar or Adventure poster today!

Here is the first part of my 120 New Adventures from 2014:

They gave me an opportunity to shine:

– Contributed a chapter for my friend’s e-book (not published yet)

– Presented “Kiss Your Excuses Goodbye” – twice- at the YWCA in Vancouver

– Dazzled during a live radio interview for Radio North Carolina

– Got interviewed via Google hangout! Thank you Daddy Blogger Ricky Shetty!

-Michael Clogs portraits The Motherpreneur for his Business Mastery Show!

-Started a monthly column for Entrepreneur Mind Magazine. Read the latest column here!

-Became a contributor for Hello Vancity!

– Presented at our October YVR Blogger event.

Presented at our October YVR Blogger Event







- Recorded How To Kiss your Excuses Goodbye for an audience of a few thousand Brazilian parents!

- Gave three talks at my former high school.

Added some laughs during my parents 50's wedding reception!








-My first interview for Motherpreneur TV hit 500 views! Hurrah!

- Interviewed our mayor!

- Our youngest son created this master piece for us. Take a look, this is our family!

- WooPee,  my book was officially launched

TThe Strawberry Lounge Story








This is only a teaser, the first installment so to speak!

What are your thoughts, do you accept the challenge?


Let me know in the comment section about your first New Experience today or for this week! Exciting, exciting...

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