A Fool Proof Method To Kiss Any Excuse Goodbye!

“Kiss Your Excuses Goodbye!

Who doesn’t like this tagline? Who doesn’t like kissing? Now, honestly? Smootch it any way you like, smack it on your lips, with your hands or as a blow! Kissing is the way to go!

As you might know this is the credo for The Motherpreneur and the theme for Motherpreneur TV! ?

Anybody can kiss! But does everybody know how to kiss excuses goodbye?

Here is a fool proof way to get rid of any obstacle that stands in between you and you big, fat or small’n silly dream/idea!

Get yourself a piece of paper, a pen and cozy up with a lovely latte, margarita or your favourite libation!



Are you ready?

Start writing:

1) What is your dream/idea/goal?

2) What are the reasons- excuses- that holding you back from going after it?


3) Now, take each excuse and dissect it, just like you did in biology class!

Add at least 5 reasons to each excuse you are using!

And last- but not least, ask yourself,

4) What is the worst case scenario that can happen after I kissed this excuse goodbye?

Ask yourself: “Can/could I actually live with the outcome?

If you can- go for it!

And if you can’t, ask yourself, realistically, what are the chances that this is actually going to happen?

If you can still say,”True, this is a bit far fetched – but I could still live with it”, then go for it!

And if not, scrap this big, small, silly of fat dream off your list! Don’t look at it again! Move on!

Move on to your next big- or small thing on the list!

Do you want an example? Let’s go:

Your dream is to travel around the world for a year!

Image via hispotion.com

Image via hispotion.com

Your excuses why not to, include

I don’t have enough money!

I shouldn’t take my kids out of school.

My boss doesn’t allow me to take a year off!

Palm trees

Your Why (to make these excuses) include

I am not sure if it’s worth getting a loan. I am not sure if I can get a loan even! I can’t afford to travel and pay my mortgage for a year!

My children will miss their friends. They won’t like travelling! They will miss a school year of education. The grandparents will miss them.

My job is important to me! I worked and studied hard to get it! My (job) position will be gone by the time I am back!

Let’s dissect the first excuse, I don’t have enough money:

I already tried, I won’t get a loan. I have no time to work a second job. My living expenses are too high to save extra money! I have no clue how to rent out my home. I can’t give up my  car (in order to save money), the infrastructure sucks (did I say North America?)

Let’s pretend you get a loan. Or you remortgaged your house. Your saved like crazy and saved enough money for the trip. You rented out your home for a year…in other words, you got the money!

What is your worst case scenario after you kissed this excuse goodbye?

You realize travelling is not for you! You dislike eating strange food. You’ll get sick. You’ll pile up huge medical bills on your credit cards.  Your renters stop paying their rent half way through your trip. Your house catches fire. Your house will get broken into. You run out of money after a few months and need to return! Your money gets stolen. You lose your plane tickets! Your kids are playing up! They are homesick, they want to go back!

Gosh, can you believe all of this can happen? Really?

Now look at each and every single one of these excuses and ask yourself, with an open heart,

If this really happens, could I live with it?

Can I live with leaving ‘home’ and coming back to no home?

Can I live with the knowledge I deprived my parents (parent-in-law) time with their grand children?

Can I live with coming back to a huge pile of debts?

Only you will know the answer to all of these questions!

Will you do it?

Whatever happens, now that you are equipped with this easy peasy decision making formula, remember, just because it’s your worst case scenario, it doesn’t mean it needs to become true….just saying!

Super excited to hear from you! PLEEEAAAASE, let me know how you make decisions!

Just in case you kissed your excuses goodbye and said YES to travelling around the world, wishing you

Bon Voyage, Arrivederci, Have a Fantastic time, Au Revoir and Tschuess!


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