How To Find Your Passion

Do what you love doing and live well because of it! Become a Passionpreneur! Live your dream! Follow your heart!

Great taglines! Each and every one is easy to achieve if we know exactly what it is we are passionate about!

It sure can be frustrating if the whole world is filled with passionate, fully fulfilled individuals living it big- and you are the one wondering what you are doing wrong! You have no clue about what you want, what you should be dreaming about or what you should be passionate about! Yours truly was one of the frustrated ones.

It didn’t help growing up with ueber protective parents who never, ever encouraged any of my ‘silly’ childhood dreams. Talk about being a lost soul. Thankfully, this is lightyears ago. Today all is good on Christina’s passion planet!

Let me help you with Finding you Passion! 



Are you ready? Let’s do this:

If you like videos, take a look at this vintage episode of Motherpreneur TV:

If you prefer to read, keep on reading:

One of the easiest and most surefire ways to get to the bottom of the no-passion-dilemma is

 spending time alone!

Allow yourself to dream. Take long walks along the beach, the forest or anywhere away from noise. Allow your mind to go astray. Look deep into your heart. Take the time and be patient with yourself!

Everything I am searching for

Go back down memory lane: When you were a kid, what is it you always wanted to do, see, experience, taste…when you were older?

What were your hobbies? 

Do you still love doing the same things today?

Are you the creative type (e.g. writing, cooking, crafting, sewing, cutting hair etc)?

Do you like to invent stuff (e.g.a new recipe, new toys)?

Are you a problem solver?

Do you like to teach?

Are you happiest helping others? Putting a smile on somebodies face? Do you love to entertain? Do you get a kick out of singing, dancing, hosting parties, organizing events, making connections between strangers?

Do you love being around the energy of children? Or does that drain you and you prefer hanging with adults?

Do you have a knack for animals?

Social aspects

Do you love to work alone or as a team? Do you prefer to be at home or in an office?

Do you like urban- or do you prefer rural life?


What is your skill set today?

What did you learn during the course of your life time?

Can you type, build furniture or can you fix a roof? Are you an amazing sales person?

What are your personal super powers?


Take your time  figuring out what makes your heart beat faster! It’s worth it!

Grab yourself a piece of paper  and a pen and go through the categories of the list above!

Finding our passion can happen by accident. It can be a person who inspires us. It can be a tragic event, an experience at a smoothie bar, a book we read, a TV show we watched. It can be triggered by a conversation with somebody, a trip we made.

My passion? I must say it’s people! I love to entertain in all shapes and forms. I love to shoot videos and make you look and sound great! I love to shine a light on ordinary extraordinary mothers during episodes of Motherpreneur TV!

What is it you are passionate about?  And most importantly, how did you find out about it? Did you stumble upon it? Or did you work on it? Please share! Cheers!

I am proud of you

Now that you found your passion, what are you going to do with it?







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