Motherpreneurs: BE Your Own Inspiration!


We matured from being a mom of small kids to mature mothers.

We survived sore nipples, sleepless nights, ‘not-tonight-honey’!

We stressed about last minute costume creations (’cause we forgotten about this particular school event)! We created countless lunches! We drove for miles to purchase hypoallergenic laundry detergent!

We graduated!

Our children don’t need us for survival and safety anymore!

Our children need us to be there for them!


Now  more than ever! They are teenagers! The most challenging breed of all child species!

We know we are more than just Mothers!

We are more than just bread winners!

We are an Inspiration!

To ourselves, to our family and to the world!

We are Motherpreneurs!

So, what is a Motherpreneur exactly?

Motherpreneurs are happy, independent thinking women!


We know it’s possible to combine motherhood with our personal, big,fat or small dreams! Most of us are still working on it, but we are well on our way! We are a piece of art, we are our own experiment! We know how to love, to laugh, to hug, to cry, to be brave, to take a step back and always moving forward!
We are not holding ourselves back!
We dance’ cause nobody is watching (ha, everybody is checking their phones)!
We make a splash if,  and whenever we want to!


We don’t need a facelift – we don’t need botox! We don’t need fancy clothes ‘ cause our heart is beautiful and with our smile, energy and contagious positive attitude we are always well dressed- if not over dressed! We come in all different shapes, forms and sizes! Each of us is unique and special (like the rest of the world)! We are uniquely equipped with our own special gift (like the rest of the world)! We are daughters, sisters, mothers, aunties, grandmas, wives, girl-friend, lovers, neighbours, role models! We worked hard finding out who we are and what we want! 
Motherpreneurs are YES girls!We know the difference between a YES that leads to more fun and opportunities in our life and a YES that causes stress, more work and being taking advantage off! 
Motherpreneurs are emotional stable women! We love to help and support each other but we don’t follow blindly a call that promises happiness, fulfillment, riches! We are our own inspiration! We set an example to our children! We are more than just mothers!We are an inspiration!To ourselves, to our family and to the world! At the end of the day we know we need to walk the road alone- and we are strong in the knowledge we are not alone!

Unified by the desire to live our best life!

Unified by our desire to make a difference!

Unified by our personal wish to empty our tank- to give it all we’ve got! Each and every time we push the ‘start’ button!

We are all in this journey together!

Welcome to planet Motherpreneur!

Are you with us? Welcome! I am super excited you are part of this journey! Is there anything I have forgotten to mention?

If so, please let me know! I look forward to meeting you!




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