Six Types of Motivation!

Dear friends,

I had one of these WooHoo moments earlier this week! Something that opened my eyes so wide, I was able to see from here to Timbuktu!
 It knocked me off my seat (OK, not really) and my whole life made sense to me!
Wow, this was profound!

Are you ready?
I am talking motivation! 
We all get motivated by something! However, not all motivation is created equal! Yep, this was my eye opener. I am talking “Six Types of Motivation!”

If we only hear or read about the slogans/phrases that don’t speak to us, no wonder we won’t get off the couch. Or start and never finish a project!

And all this enlightenment occurred ’cause I read an article on Lifehacks! Here is my take of it:

Here they are, 6 types of motivation:

– Fear of consequences – I want to avoid something (e.g. get lung cancer, become obese, that’s why I don’t smoke and exercise).
– Achievements: I want to achieve this milestone in my life, to get this reward or this trophy.( a marathon)..
– Rewards – I want to get this special reward (e.g. Winning a trip to Florida)
– Power – I want to feel influential, strong.
– Social Factors – I want to be part of something, a club, a team, a network, a group,
– Growth – I constantly want to learn, improve, get better, move forward.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these? What motivates you?
Take a moment and figure it our for yourself!

As I said, for me this was huge! Now I know why I was never, ever part of a group or a network! Being part of a group doesn’t speak to me! I love my independence!
Not saying I am one sad, lonely, unfriendly anti-social git!. Far from it. I am very social. I just don’t care about belonging to a vast network of bla,bla,bla!
What speaks to me is reward and power and achievement!

Voila, and this is how we can keep promises to ourselves! Isn’t this awesome?

From my home to yours, sending you the right type of motivation you need to get the things done you need to do this week!
Thanks for peeking in! 
With love xo

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