Tough Mamas on Wheels

When it comes to physical activity not all mothers are created equal!

Some of us like it, some of us don’t!

If we participate in a sport some of us prefer it safe and sound, let’s say the curlers or table tennis players among us.

Some of us are prefer solitude (like me). Others prefer to sweat in a team! Some of us like it hot and dirty (like the fast paced rugby and soccer girls), others like the tranquility and beauty of a golf course!

If you are still looking for the perfect sport that suits you and your personality, I have a suggestion for you:

 Roller Derby!

Where else are you legally aloud to ‘beat your opponent up’? 

Where is it socially acceptable ‘not to be nice anymore’? 

Where else can you create an intensive bond with your team mates on and off the course?

What other sport is addictive and gives you a natural high?

Once again, Roller Derby!

I had the absolute pleasure to watch The Anarchy Angels Roller Derby team in action. These gals rank No.11 in Canada and they are a batch of tough cookies!


This was their event I watched for most of the day:

You like the idea of going around and round in circles but you worry about getting hurt (like me)?

This my dear, is one excuses all Angels kissed goodbye – because, let’s face it, you can get hurt anywhere!




I need to tell the truth: When it comes to Roller Derby I am a happy by-stander! I loved every second watching from the side lines.

The main reason for that is, “I don’t want to get hurt!” This is the truth! And of course I know I can get hurt anywhere!

Still, what is it about my running shoes I love so much?  I love running – plain and simple- and I will keep on watching from the side line!

If you want to see some serious action shots, please go to this link, the photos of my friend Justin Ruscheinski are amazing!

This link will lead you to yet another cover story!


What do you do to let off steam?

Anything? Nothing? Eating? Smoking? Exercising? Please let us know in the comments below!


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