Using Numerology to find The Life you were Born to Live

When Kim Louise Easterbrook calculated my full birth date I was blown away of what she told me about my attitude, my special gift and my soul purpose in life!


Over the course of my life I asked myself these following questions more than just once:

“What is my purpose here on earth?”

“What I am I meant to do during my time here on the planet?”

Kim put into words what I always suspected:  A 9-5 job, working in an office, working with numbers, physics or chemistry is not for me!

It was a relief to hear I am on the right track with my writing, filming, and my book! Because, I am born that way!

And so are you! We are born with special gifts! Our birthday, month and year give us clues about our mission here on earth, our special talent and our attitude towards our mission and others!

Is this called deep thinking?

My parents never asked themselves about the bigger meaning or purpose of their life! Without knowing anything about numerology they live their life they were born to anyway- and were blown away when I calculated their life path number for them!

Well, our soul knows and we follow what comes naturally to us! In most cases that is!


Let me give you an example of how to find out about your life path, learning lesson and soul purpose in life:

Take your birthday,e.g. October 17, 1985, add up the numbers to a single digit:

10+17+1+9+8+5= 50


Your life path is No.5

Your special talent to help you along the way is your birthday= 8  ( 17= 1+7=8)

Your attitude is your birthday and birth month= 9 (10+17= 27, 2+7= 9)

After you calculated your own, personal  life path’ number, take a look at the chart below and decide for yourself:  do you live the life you were born to live?


Numbers have a vibration, personality and energy about them!

Here is a short overview of what they stand for:

= Independent, the pioneer,  competitive. They like to be number one! They can sell ice to the eskimos

= Sensitive vibration! Intuitive, make good healers and councilors.

= Very creative, all about self expression and communication! Usually writers, comedians, actors!

= Very grounded personality. They are structured and organized and make good accountants.

= The traveler. They have lots of energy, they are smart. They love freedom with lots of energy and make goo teachers.

= Cosmic mom / dad vibration about them. They are all about family and nurturing others. Make good entrepreneurs!

= Professor type mind! They like to be alone and analyze.  Higher mind thinkers!

= Driven to make money! They like the good life and make great leaders!

= The wise sage!  A humanitarian who loves to give back and appreciates art and beauty.


Are you curious to find out if you are on the right track in your life? Do you live the life you were born to live? If you haven’t done so earlier, do your personal calculation now and let me know about your result! What is your reaction? Are you amazed? Are you shocked? Are you wowed? Are you on the right track?

As always, I look forward hearing from you!

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