How to Find Your Core….Values


For most of my five decades on the planet my life was good!

Wrong! It was fantastic! It was ‘easy’ for lack of a better word!

I went through the motion, lived life on my terms; there was no headache involved, no frustration, no big questions to be answered, no worries to worry about!

Whatever I wanted to do I did without giving it much thought!

I travelled the world, became a fitness professional at the age of 27 (when most instructors stop…, )went to university at the tender age of 29, became a mother of three, started my own dream business (Strawberry Lounge, a fun family friendly coffee shop in NL) and did what I love most: Living life on my terms!

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And then it all came to an end: We moved to Vancouver!

All of a sudden I was surrounded by individuals who wanted me to know what my values are.

Via social media I was bombarded with messages of how to be happy (“but I am, what’s the big deal?), by messages telling me to be grateful for who I am and for what I have!

(As soon as I sold my biz and moved acrosst he world I became a late adopter of social media, mainly facebook- to stay in touch with my European buddies)

All of a sudden I had to find myself, I had to put a label on my feelings, my life, my personality, I had to put meaning into everything I do and did!

All of a sudden I was surrounded by life coaches, business coaches, experts of any sort, authors (who didn’t write a book in this city)? In order to become successful I needed to build relationships with each and everybody. I needed to network, to hang with like-minded individuals. To attend seminars, workshops …oh how Vancouverites like to sit and listen to stories!

This might have been the reasons my pre-menopausal midlife crises became imminent!? Well, to this day I will never know!

One of my friends from Toronto shrugged her shoulders and laughed:”This is Vancouver for you!”

Anyhow, I’m getting off topic here. Let’s get back to core values! Before we moved I didn’t know what they are. I didn’t even know the meaning of these words! All of a sudden I was worried about something I didn’t know exists!

Core values are our private and personal beliefs about what’s most important to us!

If we live with and according to our core values our life is one blissful ride through the decades. We choose our profession accordingly; our hobbies, our partner, our holiday destinations! And if we are not in line with our values our life is a drag! Yes, this is why you may have tummy ache getting up in the morning…just saying!

Don’t freak if you don’t have a clue how to call yours. For 46 happy years I had no ideas about what mine were either!

As soon as I found out what my core values are it hit me! Are you ready for the big revelation?

Ready or not, here it comes:

You are already living them!

You already know what is important to you!

You already know what makes you happy, pisses you off, fulfills you, bothers you...

..don’t stress. Life is good!

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However, if you really, really want to put a label on your core values, take a pen and go through the list below.

Read the list once through and write down everything that resonates with you!

Then cut down your list to 20, then to 10 values you really, really appreciate!

And last not least, cut your list down to three!

Take your time!



Love of friends  Peace of mind   Equality   Adventure   Democracy   Love of family   Power   Education   Challenge   Creativity   Love of life partner   Honesty   Beauty   Financial success   Physical appearance   Trust   Success   Travel   Attraction   Mutual Communication   Religious Faith   Overall security   Fun   Respect of peers   Spiritual Unity   Respect of friends   Freedom of Choice   Integrity   Financial Freedom   Personal Growth   Vacation time   Family time together   Support of friends   Support of family   Helping peers   Pleasant surrounding   Project completion   Sharing knowledge   Passion   Punctuality   Physical fitness   Health   Helping others reach their goals   competition   Setting goals   Reaching set goals   Time management   Independence   Time for hobbies   Personal freedom


Do you want to add any others? Please let me know! I’m more than happy to add to the mix!

Did you find yours? Souper de trouper, congratulations! Do you want to share? Please do!

Here, let me start: My absolute no. 1 core value is…

Freedom! Personal freedom!  Freedom to decide what to do when I want it and when not!

Puh, it took 47 years to put a label on this baby! Thank you Vancity!

I am proud of you





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