KISS FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Goodbye!

This morning I had over 1000 unread messages in my secondary email account!

WooPee- My heart started to go faster- not in a panicky- but in a more exciting kinda’ beat! The Motherpreneur made it!

These must be notes from my raving fans from across the globe! Or so I thought!

And beat it Christina, this was wishful thinking!

These weren’t love notes from my supportive tribe!

These were promos, each and every single one of them. Apart from  11, They were sent from our school district, informing me about the pending graduation fees still owed to them!

Gosh Christina, how could you subscribe to so many legit, honest, caring, hard working marketers from across the world?

I will tell you why:

About three years ago I suffered from business fomocities. The fear of missing out on a new business opportunity.

Three years ago we left our old life in Europe and started our new life in Canada.

Three years ago I was at a cross road in my life. I sold my flourishing coffee business, I wanted to be a mother again- after nearly six years of  neglecting my duties as parent, loving mother and educator to three wonderful boys.

It was a pretty confusing time in my life. Forget about being a teenager. Puberty was a walk in the park in comparison to what my poor kiddos and the best man of all had to go through with me.

I was torn- between the new and the old.

I was torn between my ‘impossible dreams’ and my ‘possible’ reality!

I was lost, confused, changing my mind like a girl- just like the way Kati Perry sings about it.

In order to relieve myself from this state of confusion I subscribed to online marketers. I subscribed to everybody who used the words Success, Find your Passion, How to Become a No.1 Bestseller on Amazon, Live your Dream or Wealth Builder in their tagline.

And believe me, there are many who use these words. To all of them I handed over my secondary email account.

If this wasn’t enough I joined every meet-up- networking- women- blogger- group I could get access to.

I fell under the spell of FOMO– the fear of missing out.

I was afraid to missing out on my newest business adventure in Canada.

I was afraid to missing out on meeting the one person who could relief me of my confusing state of mind.

I was afraid- oh so afraid that somebody else finds what I am looking for- and that I might miss the train!

And all the time I wasn’t sure what I was looking for exactly!


I met amazing people, I read wonderful nuggets about my desired subjects.

I was tired, exhausted and became even more confused. 


I spend an insane amount on the road, travelling to networking events. Time away from my loved ones. The money I spent on petrol, parking fees and fines (GRRRR) was insane.

Still, I was afraid. I wanted to know and needed to find out.

To make a long story short, all is good in Christinaland today!

I am back on track!

The vision is clear!

FOMO is no more!

How did I do it?

Believe it or not, everything I was searching for was already inside of me. The dream already existed in my heart.

Everything I am searching for


All I needed to do was becoming still and listen to my own inner voice. The voice that whispered

“You always wanted to meet Tom Cruise.

You always wanted to become a well known talk show hostess.

Now is your opportunity! Do it! You Tube has been created for a reason!”

And so I did. I kissed my personal excuses goodbye and started Motherpreneur TV!

As soon as I became crystal clear about what I wanted and what I needed, FOMO left my life.

Today I am focused and selective.

I unsubscribed from each and every marketer out there. My orbit is clear and free. Apart from one- what can I say, I love Alexandra.

These days I spread myself thick.

I attend events on the basis of
What’s in it for me?

Do I support the same cause?

Can I positevily impact the lives of my fellow attendees with my personality, my energy, my service (Take Action consultancy) and offers (creating beautiful promo videos, among others).

Discover or rediscover who you are, what you want and what you are searching for.

If you do that FOMO is replaced by JOMO= Joyful Overall Living Organza!


With love,



Do you have any idea what I was talking about? Have you ever experienced FOMO? If yes, what was going on in your life? Please share with us how you kicked your habit!


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