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It has been 38 hours since I celebrated my birthday-a big one! And it’s official: I am no spring chicken anymore. Only twenty five short years ago I was backpacking through Australia, enjoying life in the single- young- woman lane, chasing adventures wherever I could find’em! This was 25 years ago! Today I am living life in the fast, married -with- three -kids-lane in Vancouver.But I don’t need to remind you about this mischievous, precious little thing called time, do I? It just sneaks up on you if you want to or not!

Anyhow, every year I commemorate Christina Day with an activity I have never experienced before! For 2015 I wanted to jump out of an airplane- which in itself sounds exciting-however it’s not practical to do during a rainy Saturday in February. After my men celebrated me in style (hula skirts and all)


I  cozied up to the second best choice: Hopping back to bed with a lovely book, drinking coffee and eating birthday cake (believe me, I’ve never done this before); followed by my third best choice, a long trail run! Just because! Running is one of these activities that totally relaxes, inspires, motivates and pumps me up. Just like that one. And I came up with these 50 life hacks!  50 Things I  Know for Sure:

Bday flowers1.Kids love, want and need their daily lov’n (= hugs’n kisses) from their mama. Even when they are teenagers and pretend otherwise!

2.Let your family promise you “I am going to have a great time” whenever they are going somewhere. It works so much better than sending them off with “Be careful and Don’t do this or that!”

3. Marry the person you can have a good laugh with!

4. Don’t believe statistics: I am fitter today than when I was 16! My butt is still as tight as a watermelon and my front section is still resisting gravity!

5. Hoping, wishing and praying doesn’t get us anywhere. Starring at your goal sheets and  your colourful vision boards means nothing if you don’t get off your buts! Action is the name of the game-nothing else!

6. When in doubt wear blue! Black is so cliche-ish, boring and predictable!

7. Coffee tastes best with real coffee cream!

8. You don’t need to be a great cook to raise your family.

9. There is nothing a good laugh, a trail run or an ABBA song can’t cure!

10. You always meet twice in life, guaranteed –  make sure you part on good terms!

11. Wanna know how clean the kitchen of a restaurant is?  Go and check out their bathrooms (or better not)!

12. Always leave at the height of the party! You will always look back and say:” What a great event!”

bright heart

13. Never ever tell another parent how to raise their child(ren).

14. Humour is very personal. If something makes you laugh listen to it or watch it as often as you can!

15. Babies, toddler and children are pretty resilient-they also know when they are full or when they want more!

16. Every drama in our life comes to an end and it’s going to end how it supposed to end!

17. Some people are …nicely put, idiots- that’s just the way it is! Ignore! (Another fact of life: Not everybody is going to like you)!

18. Give your parents credit-they did the best with what they had and knew at the time they raised you!

19. The more you know the less you do! (aka Paralysis by Analysis)s. Go and follow your gut instinct instead and do it your way!

20. Keep your life simple! The less you worry and care about others, their life, their situations, the better for you!

21. There is always somebody more beautiful, smarter, more talented and more experience than you are! That’s just the way it is (aka Don’t compare yourself to others)!

22. My glass is always half full- never half empty! It’s easier that way!

23. Always purchase your Christmas décor and cards at the sale in January!

24. There is no substitute for real butter and sugar in cakes!

25. At times people will not get you, they will laugh at you ’cause you are different! Be proud! Laugh- because they are all the same.

26. Life can get tough at times– and it happens to all of us! Cry, complain or get angry! Then for heavens sake find a solution and get on with it!

27. Never argue about politics or religion!

28  Moderation is the key for everything!Especially food! I was the mother who allowed their kids to eat sweets, desserts, cakes’n cream. I even let them drink coca cola! The result? They never really cared about the forbidden fruit, they never binged! They are as healthy as a mother can wish for (plus, these guys aren’t allergic to anything)!

29. Baileys goes with everything! Especially over vanilla ice-cream topped with whipped cream.

30. There is always a solution for everything! 

31. There is a prince / princess for everybody (even if it takes a while to find him/her) Note: Men can smell desperation from miles way! If you need a man to complete you, nobody wants you. If you are totally happy and content with yourself every man wants you!

32. Nothing beats skiing in Austria.

33. The older I get the more I value my (German) upbringing, culture and my mom!

34. There is still a sucker born every minute!

35. Always say YES to a great opportunity – and figure out later how to do it.

Passionate KISSES

36. Yes I Can is the biggest promise to yourself- so make sure you keep it!

37.  Your personality opens doors. Your character will keep it open. 

38.  Don’t get intimidated by beauty, status or clothes. These are only well dressed people with a beautiful face who happen to have a title!

39. We all want to be loved and listened to!

40. Don’t get too hung up about yourself-nobody really cares. Everybody is too worried about themselves then to worry about you.

41.  Stop giving to takers. It drains your energy, it hurts and it will get you nowhere.

42. You can say whatever it is you need to get off your chest: Remember, it’s always the tone that makes the music!

43.  Reality TV is the biggest nonsense ever!

44. See the world by travelling- not by watching TV.

45. Teach your children how to swim, how to cycle and how to ski early on in life. It’s going to save you lots of headaches.

46. Be passionate about who you are and what you do (show it)!

47. Embrace the music your teenagers are listening to- even if you really don’t like it!

48. Count your blessings every day and be grateful for what you have!

49. Everything happens for a reason!

50. Never over value an expensive gift! Everybody can buy you a present. Rather value the time the same person is willing to spend with you. Presents can get lost, stolen or sold. Nobody can take away your memories- they are priceless!


These are my pearls of wisdom, accumulated over a life time of living! There are so many more, but for now, this is enough! Please offer your pearls to me, to our motherpreneur community and to the world! From my heart to yours, Yes You Can! Now start writing, leave me your wisdom please!Untitled design (8)




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