Rodeo Cowboys & Dreamers, they are one and the same!

Howdy y’all!

I just spent a delightful, eye opening day at Canada’s second biggest rodeo, The Cloverdale Country Fair & Rodeo!  It was a first for me, so talk about excitement!  This is moi, seconds after meeting my first, real cowboy: 




Let me tell you a thing or two about these brave cowboys and cowgals:
They can bend in all the right places. These are all professional rodeo riders, some of the best in the world! Oh Lordy, can they hold their own on a horse!


The basic rule of the rodeo is simple: Stay on your horse for as long as you can- for at least 8 seconds to be precise. Hold on with one hand only. And if you fall off, you need to get on your feet as fast as possible- and run! Your life depends on it! The horse is still bucking! It bucks like crazy. 


As I was sitting at the edge of my seat, clapping and  screaming with excitement, it came to me:
Life is like a rodeo show.
We are all cowboys!
Just like real life we need to hold on
We need to hold on when our journey gets tough.
We need to follow rules,
We need to be flexible enough to hold on, to go through the bumpy ride.
As soon as we pass the first hurdles the ride becomes easier.
When we fall we need to get up as fast as possible.
We need to keep the momentum going,
Otherwise we will get hit. If not by the hooves of a horse than by self pity or our competition!

This is the  ‘anatomy’ of making our ideas, our vision, our dreams come true!  As soon as we are aware of this we can prepare ourselves to hold on and (hopefully) enjoy our ride! Along the way the strangest things can happen, you meet a real bull rider:

Life is like a rodeo. This feels like a great song to me…, wouldn’t you agree? This pho
I hope you are enjoying the ride you are on! 
Please drop me a line to let me know what you are up to!

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