Ten Ideas to Get Your Creative Groove Back!

It does happen to the best of us: we hit a creative dry spell! We just don’t know what to create next, what to write, what to cook, what to sew, what to paint…Even if we have an outline of, let’s say, topics for our blog posts, we struggle to find the right words. We can’t think of the angle we want to take!

Sometimes we start, stop, walk away, come back and start all over again! And sometimes, nothing! This is what I call a creative time-out! Sometimes, we just need to let go in order to get back! Here are 10 ideas I swear do the trick:

1). Go outside, surround yourself with the great outdoors! Walk, hike, climb, fish… or just be still. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature!

2). Exercise! This is my all time favourite! Moving my body does wonder to my brain activity: Whenever I start running my legs go on autopilot and my brain goes into over drive! Each and every time I come up with fresh ideas, a new angle or a new approach on how to tackle my dilemma!

3). Read magazines! When in dire, creativity- emergency mode, I visit a thrift store and purchase a whole bunch of magazines. It doesn’t really matter how old they are, there is always a snippet or two you will find useful! Plus, it’s fun to read about yesterday!

4). Listen to the radio. Especially the morning shows are pretty fun. After lots of chanel changings I discovered my morning mecca here in BC: QM FM, the Breakfast show with Nat and Drew! My kind of humour, my kind of music!

5). Listen to Country songs! Country songs are mini soap operas! Listen to the words and you will be amazed what goes on in country land.

6). Watch a funny TV series. My favourites are How I met your Mother and  The Big Bang Theory!  Hilarious! I even catch myself taking notes while watching!

7). Read books! Sometimes inspirational books do it for me! Sometimes I need something more ‘trashy’ and entertaining. It all depends on my mood and what I can find at the library or at home!

8). Take some time out to dream, to meditate, to just be. Let your mind wander, be still.

9). Browse through the internet, read other people’s blog posts! Find inspiration in their writing, in their point of views!

10). And if nothing else helps, take a bubble bath! With or without your favourite glass of bubblies. Light a candle,- or not! Soak up the warmth of the water. Let the heat infiltrate your skin, close your eyes-just be!

Sending “Happy creativity-vibes” your way! Hope these will help when in need of some inspiration!

What are your all time  favourite tips on how to beat creativity-blockage? Please share with us your tried and tested recipes! Thank you so much!

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