The 3-Step Recipe for Success!

Starting our own business –  what an adventure!

We are mothers with an open mind, big dreams in our heart and the drive to make it happen- once we figured out what it is we are passionate about. We are ueber excited about making the world a better/happier place with our product or services.

We kissed our excuses goodbye, started our own little online,or off line shop and ….nothing! Holy s…@# our idea isn’t working!

What did we forget? Where did we go wrong? To say we are frustrated, disillusioned and puffed out is an understatement!

My guest on Motherpreneur TV  is Cheryl Bishop, General manager of Make Your Mark.  Five years ago the company was unknown with O customers. Today it is one of the biggest, best known training, consulting and seminar businesses here in the Vancouver area!

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Please take a moment out of your committed day to listen to Cheryl and her three fundamental tips on how to make a business successful:










Let’s say you wanted to create your own product or service and you wanted to sell it either online or in the real world, what would you do first?

Order a few glossy business cards? Set up a website? Depending on the nature of the business would you hire a manager, a cleaner, a business coach?

Actually, no! It’s none of these things.

What we need are customers! If we don’t have customers we won’t have a business! 

Having customers is the first item on our to-do list as a new business owner! Here are three more tips on how to create a successful business:

“Have your end result in view!

Stay laser focused on your result.

Follow a plan of action on how to get there!”

and here are two more of your burning questions answered:

Let’s pretend you want to start your own gift basket business. In the past you have given away lots of baskets for free to your friends and colleagues.

How would you make the transition from gifting your product/service to selling it?

“Simply say: “From now onward, I’m open for business!”

What is the most important ingredient we as business owners need to have to become/remain successful?


“We need to have a fire and desire burning inside us! Being passionate about what we are doing is the key ingredient for any kind of success!”

Do you agree with Cheryl and her suggestions?

Are you the owner of your own passion project? If yes,  how did you get started? How did you find your first customers/clients?

Please share with us your ninja tricks- we all appreciate your story and your wisdom!







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