Sure, being a “YES-Girl” can be a pain in the butt.

We pay a price every time we say YES.

We pay with our time, our money.  We may get frustrated because it takes too long to figure out how Optimize Press works (in my instance).                                                                                                                                                                         We are scared to make changes in our life (dumping the boy-friend), we question and doubt ourselves if we are up for the job offer!                                                                                                                                                                               Therefore a NO is the safer option- at least we know what we are getting / having / what to expect. Fair enough!

But if we jump over our own hurdles – wow, magic is about to happen! I know, I am not the IT -girl- I am the YES girl (well, slight exaggeration here).

Most of the times I say YES to offers, requests or a cry for help!

And the only reason why I am doing it is – because I really, really want to do it- whatever it is I have been offered or asked to do.

Out of principle it’s a Yes for everything I have never tasted, seen, felt, listened to or experienced in my life before- I draw a line at bungee jumping though. Honestly, I don’t get it!

(And taking drugs, being part of an orgie, selling myself to the highest bidder and some other activities my parents told me are immoral. Other than that, I am in).

May I ask how old you are? Have you noticed you are becoming more reserved or more adventurous with increasing age?

Well, Jackie Collins would describe me as ‘on the wrong side of 40’. However, what  is age anyway but a number?

Over the course of my life I have listened to many, many reasons why somebody said NO to an idea.

It was everything from starting karate classes, reading a book, changing jobs, ending a love affair, having children, getting a tatoo, eating fish, going travelling, buying a new house, sending their children to a better school…and the list goes on.

If you want to make a change in either your personal or business life and you are holding yourself back ‘because you have never done it before? Don’t despair! Help is at hand.

As this is a blog about Kissing our Excuses Good-bye I want to share with you how to turn a “No I can’t into a “Yes I can” in three easy steps!

The prerequisite: You must have the fire and desire in your heart to want to change jobs/ go travelling / ask the man out…

1st Step: Bootstrapping

This means to make do with what you have!

Wanna go horseback riding but you don’t have the money to buy all the fancy equipment/ outfit/ horse?

Rent a horse, put on a bike helmet, put on hiking boots and you are set.

Not enough money for a fancy website designer? Go to These guys work their magic for $ 5.00.

2nd Step:Ask for help!

Wanna write a book but don’t know how? Ask around in your circle of friends, does anybody know of an editor, publisher, self-help guru or even better maybe they know an author, English teacher or journalist?

Your maths homework looks all Chinese to you? Ask for and find a tutor,

3rd Step: Become creative

What is the problem to your solution?

What are you looking for? What are you missing?

How can you bake a cake without an oven? (watch the video, I will tell you)

How can you create more space in your home without buying a new house?

How can you bring your kids to school if your car has flat tires?


We make the decision of what we do in our life and how we do it!

We decide to say YES or NO!

I may not know anything about drugged out orgies, but I sure know about the thrill of saying YES to other, less explicit  experiences in life.

Do you have any tips on how to say YES? Please share them with us her! Let’s get to know each other!

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing our stories!



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christina Waschko

Life hacks to create more fun and adventure in our private and business life! It all starts with a Kiss of our Excuses Goodbye! I raise my glass to the rise of Yes Girls- the creators of a category of one!

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