Why You Should Become a YES Girl (hint: It’s Fun & Exciting)!


Welcome to the modern woman’s/ mothers world of being over worked, under valued, over stressed, tired, and exhausted! Welcome to the modern woman’s world of many wants, wishes and dreams! And too little time! Too little time for the real important things in life like new adventures, hot bubble baths, sex, roasting marshmallows, reading books, drinking mimosas, carefree chitter chatter time with ones bestie and oh so many other pleasures denied by enemy number one:

the innocent three letter word YES!

In our quest to be liked and valued we let our tongue control our mouth:

“Yes of course I will help you! It’s an honour you ask me. I owe you one! Sure I will stay longer to finish this project! Is there anything else I can do for you?”

But what happened to first cousin NO?

Ahh, I remember, it’s impolite, rude, unfriendly, unprofessional, non- team building, egotistical, outright unheard of to turn down an invitation, a promotion, a cry for help, a friendly request, a last minute search for a substitute, an offer…with the word No!

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Dear friend let me pour you a coffee (and don’t say you don’t have enough time…) hear me out, we need to talk:

What you just read in the first paragraph is so yesterday! We are not all these adjectives! The media wants to tell us we are! Some of our acquaintances may complain and worry. TV commercials want to make us believe we need help with anything and everything!

Ha, we women and mothers have smartened up! We know how to ‘buy ourselves time’ before we commit our time, energy or resources! Today we say:  “Thanks for asking, please let me get back to you!”

Then we think about it,  we sleep over it, we debate with yourself or  even ring the Best Man of All. And most importantly, we answer this simple question for ourselves:

“Do I really want to do this?

And if we don’t want to do it- after all the debating- we will say No!

See, it’s that simple!

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Let me introduce you to the new breed of women/mothers, the YES GIRLS!

These are ladies who know who they are, what they want and love the word YES?!

The YES Girl is saying yes to herself, her family and her own time!

Saying Yes doesn’t mean having less time for the fun stuff in life! Saying YES creates more of everything in your life!

I know what I am writing about, I am a total and utter YES sayer. A YES girl from head to toe so to speak!


Because it’s fantastic! You can take a peek over here, and here, and here to know what I am talking about!


We say Yes to anything we

– really, really want to do – and darn the consequences!

– we can and will learn from.

Will offer new opportunities,

Saying YES opens new doors!

It enriches your life!

We get over self imposed fears, we create challenges for ourselves and conquer them, we create memories and have amazing stories to tell.

It creates more adventure, adrenaline rushes, new experiences, new friends than you can imagine!

Are you in? What do you say yes to? Please let me know below!

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