Do It Anyway!

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  Do you have a routine? A daily routine? A special morning ritual that sets you up for a great day? Or a night routine before you hit the pillow? Personally, I’m pretty bad with routines. Other than my daily yoga and abdominal workout everything hangs in the air! I play it by ear; whatever…

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Don’t Fall For It!


I recently read a blog post on LinkedIn by a new website designer ‘flogging’ her website services. She named  5 pretty good reasons why we  should hire her to create a state of the art website!  And she hit one of my nerves… One of the reasons is, I don’t have a state of the…

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How to Kiss ‘I Can’t Afford It’ Goodbye


  It’s soul crushing! It makes me feel inadequate! Non-deserving! Poor! Yes, that’s what it is! Using I can’t afford it makes me feel poor! I don’t know about you, but this is how I feel whenever I use this evil four word sentence! You can call me lots of things. Like tight ass (literally), passionate,…

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52 New Experiences – Better than any Resolutions you May Have

What Motivate You-

We all want to live the grand life! We want to escape the same-old-same-old! We want to add spice not only to our daily meals- we want to add spice to our daily/weekly/monthly life! Year in and year out! Jumping over our own shadows, conquering inner demons, outshining any Christmas decoration, saying YES  even if…

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New York New York

It has been roughly 20 years since I first peed my pants laughing so hard while watching Kevin defend the family castle. Home Alone has become our must watch Christmas family movie – to the dismay of our boys (Not again!) If Home Alone is to blame for my hearty belly laughs, the second one,…

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My Favourite Pick-Me-Ups

Don't let weeds

A picture says more than a thousand words! And a few facebook posts can say more than a long, long blog post. Let’s keep it short’n sweet. Here are my favourite posts from The Motherpreneur facebook page! These are great reminders for everyday living.                      …

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How To Marry a Prince!


                                                          (Or: How to make any big, fat dream come true)! My 18 year old daughter revealed to  me: “I’m going to become a princess!  Can you please…

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Bitch, She’s Madonna….and she’s a great Kisser

clear shot

For many many years I promised myself to go and see Michael Jackson in concert! I always said to myself, one day I will be there, one day, another time! You and I both know Oneday is not a day of the week. Oneday for me and Michael never happened. And sadly enough it never…

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How to Find Your Core….Values


  For most of my five decades on the planet my life was good! Wrong! It was fantastic! It was ‘easy’ for lack of a better word! I went through the motion, lived life on my terms; there was no headache involved, no frustration, no big questions to be answered, no worries to worry about!…

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I am proud of you

Here is one for the control freaks among us, yours truly included: For the fourth time since we moved to The Rock (we actually live on top of a rock) we were left in the dark! We and over half a million other households in and around Vancouver were affected by massive power failure during the…

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