What To Do when having High Expectations Stresses You Out!


For as long as I remember my dad has never, ever actively supported me in in the pursuit of my ‘dreams! On the contrary, he always did his best to discourage me! Finally, after years of non parental cheerleading I asked him- and his answer? It might surprise you: “I don’t want to encourage you…

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Rodeo Cowboys & Dreamers, they are one and the same!

I feel a great day coming on-

Howdy y’all! I just spent a delightful, eye opening day at Canada’s second biggest rodeo, The Cloverdale Country Fair & Rodeo!  It was a first for me, so talk about excitement!  This is moi, seconds after meeting my first, real cowboy:      Let me tell you a thing or two about these brave cowboys…

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KISS FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Goodbye!


This morning I had over 1000 unread messages in my secondary email account! WooPee- My heart started to go faster- not in a panicky- but in a more exciting kinda’ beat! The Motherpreneur made it! These must be notes from my raving fans from across the globe! Or so I thought! And beat it Christina,…

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Help! How Can I stand out from the Crowd?


When it comes to selling our product or services to the world we are surrounded by like minded, super talented, sophisticated, knowledgeable, up-to-date, friendly and good looking frenemies!  Let me take it one step further: if everybody uses the same software, the same marketing slogans, clever copy, fabulous images, videos, an opt-in page and a well…

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You Don’t Need Experiences To Go After Your Dream!


Being pregnant gives you lots to look forward to and lots to worry about! Nineteen years ago, during the pregnancy of our first son, there was no google- there was no internet! We waddled to the library and read”What to expect when you’re expecting!” The only thing I was really worried about was the delivery,…

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Why You Should Become a YES Girl (hint: It’s Fun & Exciting)!

2014-05-15 15.06.39

Welcome to the modern woman’s/ mothers world of being over worked, under valued, over stressed, tired, and exhausted! Welcome to the modern woman’s world of many wants, wishes and dreams! And too little time! Too little time for the real important things in life like new adventures, hot bubble baths, sex, roasting marshmallows, reading books,…

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Just Do It- What a Big, Fat Lie!


” So, Jane, tell us, how did you create such a fabulous networking event?” “What do you mean? I love organizing parties so I just did it!”  “Congratulations Mike on your gold medal win, how did you do it?” “Well, I took a deep breath, concentrated, visualized the outcome and put on the best performance…

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50 Things I know for Sure


It has been 38 hours since I celebrated my birthday-a big one! And it’s official: I am no spring chicken anymore. Only twenty five short years ago I was backpacking through Australia, enjoying life in the single- young- woman lane, chasing adventures wherever I could find’em! This was 25 years ago! Today I am living…

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How to Live an Exciting Life –

105_0086 copy

it’s so simple, it’s going to knock your socks off! I remember the day Elvis died! I was only little, but this day I remember well: My dad was destroyed, devastated, heartbroken! The King was dead! Dad had tears in his eyes when he told me. And more than his tears I remember his words:…

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The 3-Step Recipe for Success!


Starting our own business –  what an adventure! We are mothers with an open mind, big dreams in our heart and the drive to make it happen- once we figured out what it is we are passionate about. We are ueber excited about making the world a better/happier place with our product or services. We kissed…

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